Curing Eczema with Raw Food

Curing Eczema with Raw Food
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Infant eczema or baby eczema appears in about 15% of children. Maya was one of these children and unfortunately, she had to deal with a severe form of this inflammation. When she turned one, her mother notices red, scaly skin on different parts of her body and she immediately visited their doctor. The doctor advised the use of steroid cream – something that most doctors recommend in cases like this.

In addition, the pediatrician advised them to remove cow’s milk from the menu and to start consuming goat’s milk instead because many children have allergic reactions to dairy products. Once Maya’s mother started following this advice she witnessed improvement in her daughter’s skin, but unfortunately, this change had short-term effects.

After a short period of time, Maya started to feel colds which was actually one of the listed side effects of steroid cream use. These creams can easily penetrate into the skin, enter the bloodstream and start eliminating healthy cells which are crucial in our fight against pathogens. That’s why Maya’s mother started to feel that the cream is only a mask that covers the real problem and doesn’t actually heal.

When Maya turned 4, her eczema returned. They have stopped using the steroid cream and began practicing some naturopathic methods. Now, her mother was focused on designing a healthy diet that didn’t include gluten, processed sugar, and milk. This strategy has proven to be efficient because eczema started to go away once again.

At the age of 7, Maya’s eczema returned in an even worse form. In addition, the doctors have also found parasites and candida inside her body. Her mother decided to take more radical measures in her diet – she eliminated sugar, eggs, and meat from Maya’s menu. But this time, the dietary change didn’t provide any positive effects.

Maya’s mother was constantly making changes in her diet because she believed that these changes can remove candida from her daughter’s body. But, Maya started to lose weight fast and her mother was sure that this is the result of the improper functioning of her gut. Since the situation was getting critical, Maya’s mother was planning to start using pharmaceutical drugs for the second time.

Curing Eczema with Raw Food – The Final Battle

Maya’s mother believed that she had used all the things that were available, but the health of her daughter was deteriorating. Just before she decided to use the help of drugs, she noticed a raw, high-carbohydrates diet used in candida treatment, posted on Instagram.

Even though the diet appeared a little bit odd, Maya’s mother was left without many choices. She started testing this so-called 10-day banana diet immediately, but she did the test on herself first. The positive effects were noticeable from day two. That’s why she implemented this diet for all family members including Maya. The diet consisted mostly of leafy green vegetables, fruit, and healthy fats that come from seeds, nuts, and avocado.

In the last six months, Maya’s skin is almost completely eczema-free (she has a few dry spots that will probably be gone soon). Maya is finally feeling better and all family members feel great too.

Maya’s family and Maya are healthy and happy; they are traveling around the globe and recording their experiences on videos. You can check their YouTube channel – deHappy.

Is it Worth Practicing a Plant-Based Diet?

Whilst it is true that there is no agreement among experts that a plant-based diet is the best option, it is also true that most nutritionists and physicians agree that this type of diet comes with many health benefits and no side effects.

About 10 years ago, authors Barnard and Berkow have published an article in Nutrition Reviews in which they claim that a vegetarian and vegan diet is very effective for those who are trying to lose weight. This article was based on thorough research of the results of more than 85 published scientific studies.

These authors have also concluded that people who practice a vegetarian lifestyle have a reduced risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. Their thorough review claims that weight loss in vegetarians is not related to physical activity and vegetarians are able to lose about 1 pound per week.

Another scientific study has confirmed that this type of diet is packed with nutrients, follows the accepted dietary guidelines and it is definitely suitable for the management of weight without affecting the quality of diet and our health in general.

According to Adventist Health Studies, vegetarians have about 50% less chance of developing diabetes compared to people who practice other types of diets. Seven years ago, Vang et al came up with a report that claims that non-vegetarians have 74% more chances to develop diabetes over the course of 17 years compared to vegetarians.

The easiest and simplest way to check whether this plant-based diet actually works is to try it yourself. Start out by cutting out animal byproducts and meat intake, but do this gradually. For example, you can start by setting a limit of 4 days a week in which you can eat these products (although you should reduce the intake during this period).

Try to replace your conventional breakfast with a healthy natural smoothie. If you love eating eggs in the morning, include some healthy vegetables like kale or spinach. Take some time to analyze how you feel after some period of time and if you feel more energized then start practicing more recipes from this diet.

Reduction of meat and dairy intake for just a few days a week will bring benefits to your health and to the planet too. Processed food is polluting our environment.

This is the biggest proof of curing eczema with raw food. Try this diet and share your experience!

Via Healthy and Natural World | Annie Jaffrey

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