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Cut a Whole Onion Into 4 Pieces and Place it in Your Home. The Reason? Brilliant!

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Healthline is a vegetable with a specific taste, used for hundreds of years. There are many national cuisines that have accepted this veggie as part of many dishes. Of course, onions have been used for their medicinal properties for many years too.

Today, modern science has provided answers to some questions related to these properties. In other words, science knows how onion works when it enters our body.

Are Onions Good in Cases of Flu?

Onions were used for flu since ancient times. Both traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine are relying on onions as vegetables good for the immune system and relieving congestion. The capability of onions to ease flu symptoms and signs like congestion, cough, breathing problems, and bronchitis was confirmed by the WHO (World Health Organization) too.

In addition, according to some practitioners of natural remedies, it is a good idea to put some chopped onions next to the bed during the night or even in different places in your home to protect yourself from flu.

These people believe that onions in their raw form absorb germs and other similar microorganisms from the air and prevent their penetration into our bodies.

Why Onions are So Beneficial?

Onions are loaded with sulfuric structures like sulfoxides, thiosulfinates, and other cysteine sulfoxides with a strong scent. The specific flavor of onions comes from these compounds and substances and that’s why we can notice tears when we are cutting onions. Scientific studies have confirmed that thiosulfinates found in onions are one of the main reasons why onions are so beneficial.

Of course, sulfuric compounds are also very important because they are able to protect consumers from cardiovascular disease and even from cancer. In addition, they boost immunity and in this way protect us from diseases and health issues in general.

Onions are also packed with quercetin, a well-known antioxidant. This antioxidant aids the body’s efforts to eliminate free radicals and speed up the reactions of the immune system.

A Recipe for Onion Soup


Take the onion and garlic and chop them into cubes. Put the water to heat and wait until it boils. At this moment, add the chopped onions and garlic and the oregano. Leave the remedy to simmer for about 12-15 minutes or until you notice that the onion is transparent and clean. Consume this soup and let the body temperature increase to a point where you will start sweating (but not excessively).

Extra Onion Remedy

Take one onion and cut one piece of it. Put this piece of onion directly on the sole of the feet. Use a sock to cover the area before you go to bed and remove the onions in the morning. In case you notice flu signs and symptoms, perform this procedure every night.

Via Make Your Life Healthier

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