Do You Have a Lump on Your Neck, Back, or Behind Your Ear? This is What It Means

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It may seem alarming to find a lump on your body because they are not supposed to appear as something normal. However, it is important to mention that they are harmless and are actually quite common.

Many people have this kind of cysts, called epidermoid cysts, but they should not be referred to as sebaceous cysts. This is because, they are results of the sebaceous glands, glands that lubricate the skin and hair.

These epidermoid cysts do not require treatment, but people tend to remove them because they can cause an infection and are not aesthetically attractive. If you want to remove some epidermoid cyst you do not have to take some medical method, but there are some useful natural remedies.

There are some natural healing methods:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

This natural method can help you a lot when it comes to removing the epidermoid cysts because of the acetic acid in them. It destroys the infection and makes protection against any bacteria. You just have to apply some apple cider vinegar to the cyst and protect it with a bandage or some cloth.

Repeat this method for a week until it forms a layer of hard skin appears on the cyst and then remove it so the cyst can drain. Apply the affected part for about a week and very soon there should be a new skin.

2. Dandelion

Another natural method is a mixture of 1 tablespoon of dandelion with a viola. Boil it with water to boil 45 minutes and after that strain the content. Drink it four times daily for 10 days or apply the combination directly to the cysts.

3. Epsom Salt

You can relieve your pain and swell with some Epsom salt. Add some Epsom salt in your bathtub and then soak in the tub. The pain will be gone instantly.

4. Aloe Vera

Along with its vast number of usages, Aloe Vera can be used for this type of cysts. What you only have to do is to apply an Aloe Vera extract on the cyst or just drink it.

5. Milk

Milk will help you to reduce the lump in size and it will heal it faster. Just soak a tea bag in milk and place it over the cyst overnight. Repeat the procedure regularly.

6. Honey

Combine some honey, wheatgrass, and banana and this combination apply to the cyst. Protect it with a bandage and leave it like that all night long.

7. Castor Oil

The castor oil will also help the cyst shrink in size. You need only to apply some castor oil to the cyst and put a hot bag of water or cloth over it.

Via Healthline

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