Do You Know What You are Drinking When You Take Some of The Popular Instant Coffees?

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Drinking huge amounts of coffee can lead to signs of psychological and physical addiction and can result in many different negative effects on health. But, it turns out that plain Turkish coffee comes with numerous benefits. This type of coffee is packed with vitamin B3, minerals, supports the work and protects brain cells, comes with powerful antioxidant effects, keeps us safe from different types of cancer and atherosclerosis.

Instant Coffees

Unfortunately, instant coffees don’t share the same characteristics. While it is true that they are very convenient, it is also true that the amount of coffee in them is very low and manufacturers usually use low-quality grain. So, when you heat the coffee, even a small amount of benefits is lost.

What is important to understand when you are selecting instant coffee is the fact that the basic ingredient found in them is sugar. When this ingredient is mixed with flavor, glucose syrup, and other artificial additives, the taste becomes significantly better.

But, good taste doesn’t mean that it is useful for our health. For instance, many instant coffees contain hydrogenated vegetable fat which usually includes dangerous trans-fatty acids. They also contain polyphosphates that have a negative impact on the health of our bones.

In addition, coffee is rich in caffeine. This is an alkaloid that supports alertness. Instant coffees have more caffeine than regular coffees. For example, one cup of an average instant coffee comes with 100 mg of this alkaloid and people shouldn’t consume more than 300 mg per day. Finally, another downside of instant coffee consumption is the increased acid secretion.


Anamaria is loaded with milk proteins, which is certainly not something that people prone to allergies need. Additionally, Anamaria is rich in calcium phosphates and potassium. This coffee uses mixed carotene for color. Anamaria is made of 40% sugar and 12% coffee.


This is one of the most popular coffee brands in the world. The instant version has a very low percentage of coffee – just 9%. It also has ingredients that act as acidity regulators and phosphates. Even though the amount of sugar is not available on the label, you should definitely not drink this coffee on a regular basis.


Jacobs comes with the lowest percentage of sugar (38%) and the highest percent of coffee (17%). Jacobs instant coffee includes artificial sweeteners, glucose syrup, acesulfame K, and aspartame. All these ingredients are still studies because of the reports that they may act as carcinogenic substances.


Gloria instant coffee has about 44% sugar and 10% coffee. Individuals who develop allergic reactions to lactose and especially to milk should stay away from Gloria because it comes with a significant amount of milk sugar and proteins. Gloria also contains hydrogenated vegetable fat, polyphosphates, and artificial sweeteners.

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