Drinking Grapefruit Juice Increases The Risk of Melanoma

Drinking Grapefruit Juice Increases The Risk of Melanoma
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We all drink this commonly available juice. It is almost always a part of our breakfast and we see it as a healthy addition to our diet. But the Journal of Clinical Oncology doesn’t agree! This juice that we drink every morning increases our risk of developing various cancers!

This reputed medical journal published a study covering several groups who were at very high risk of melanoma. This is the most fatal kind of skin cancer. The study unveiled a shocking truth to the world. The orange and grapefruit juice that we drink every day with breakfast can significantly increase our risk of this serious form of skin cancer – melanoma.

Many of us cannot think of starting our day without these juices. We all take them to be great health drinks because we think that they could be offering so many health benefits. Besides, they also help energize our bodies.

But this new study, which has been confirmed by the medical science community, shows that taking too much of this juice could put us at a higher risk of developing melanoma. Melanoma may not be as prevalent but it is the deadliest type of skin cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society, there are almost 73,900 Americans will be diagnosed with this form of skin cancer in 2015. It states that in 10,000 cases, cancer will prove fatal.

The main risk factor for this skin cancer is exposure to UV rays from the sun, UV lamps, and tanning beds. It has left the scientific community baffled as to how citrus fruit juices were linked to the deadliest skin cancer.

When studied in-depth, it was found that the photoactive chemicals furocoumarins and psoralens found in citrus fruits were the underlying culprits. They made our skin highly sensitive to UV rays and sunlight. And this is where the risk factor for melanoma developed!

The Research Study

The study published in the journal was conducted by a team led by Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University (Providence)’s Dr. Shaowei Wu (Dermatology Department). It was one of the largest and major studies on the subject covering more than 100,000 subjects and spread across 26 years (1984-2010). Every 2 years the subjects were required to fill out a questionnaire related to their diet and lifestyle. The focus was mostly on citrus foods taken in the form of whole fruit or juice. The results were analyzed after the duration of the study period was completed.

The researchers found that over 1,800 subjects developed melanoma. They also noticed that citrus drinkers had the highest risk. The scientists concluded that the chances of developing melanoma were 25% higher in the subjects drinking orange juice once a day when compared to those who drank it not more than once a week.

They also concluded that anyone drinking grapefruit juice was 41% more likely to develop melanoma compared to those who didn’t eat it.

What didn’t fall in place was that the subjects eating an orange and drinking grapefruit juice didn’t have any increase in the risk of skin cancer. The researchers were unable to explain this deviation.

Despite the conclusive yet strange findings of this study, the researchers state that more studies are required to make any definite claims about the relationship between citrus and the risk of melanoma. The authorities have not yet released any warning statements to stop drinking orange or grapefruit juice. Yet, it is considered by many experts that the results of this study are highly concerning.

Despite what the authorities are saying, everyone should take this major study seriously. You can at least start by avoiding exposure to sunlight after having taken citrus fruit or juice.

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