Drinking Water on an Empty Stomach Immediately After Waking Up

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Nowadays, drinking water on an empty stomach is a popular trend which Japanese do every morning. Scientific tests have proven the value of this good practice. Japanese medical society has found this water treatment to be 100% effective for the treatment of many old and modern diseases.

Methods of Treatment

Immediately after waking up, and before brushing your teeth, consume 640ml of water or four times per 160 ml.

Wash your teeth, and don’t eat and drink anything for the following 45 minutes. After this period, you can eat and drink as normal, and 2 hours after your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, don’t eat or drink anything.

If you are sick or simply can’t drink this amount of water right after you wake up, start drinking as much as you can, and then gradually increase the water amount until you reach the needed 640 milliliters.

This water treatment is beneficial for everyone. It will cure various diseases, and if you are perfectly healthy, it will boost your energy, and you will feel better throughout the day.

How Long Does The Treatment Last?

Nevertheless, you can make this healthy habit of drinking water in the morning throughout your whole life, as it improves your energy and overall health.

Note. If you are an arthritis sufferer, do this water treatment for three days in the first week, pause for a week, and then re-start doing it on a daily basis.

The only side effect of this treatment is that you will visit the bathroom more frequently.

Therefore, we recommend drinking water to stay healthy and active!

Via Healthy Solutions magazine

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