Early Warning Signs of Diabetes That Most Medical Professionals Don’t Even Know

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According to official statistics, more than 9% of Americans are dealing with some type of diabetes. Since this disease is so widespread it is quite logical to assume that people have sufficient knowledge about this disease – its causes, symptoms, methods of treatment, etc. unfortunately this is not the case, at least not with most people.

Almost everyone knows that diabetes is a disease that is related to blood sugar levels. You have probably heard that a healthy diet and proper physical activity can help diabetics control the disease and prevent people from developing this disease.

In addition, you might be familiar with some common diabetes symptoms like blurry vision, excessive thirst, and slow healing of injuries and sores.

So, if you know all these things, you probably believe that there is nothing else you should learn about diabetes.

However, you are wrong. There are a few other symptoms that you probably don’t know about and in case you don’t know them you won’t get a chance to prevent diabetes before it occurs.

In most cases, diabetes is incurable, a life-long health problem that has a significant impact on the sufferer’s life. They must take some substantial changes in their lifestyle to reduce the effects.

However, if you can identify the early warning signs you can be safe from diabetes and all the negative effects that accompany this disease.

Unexpected Early Symptoms of Diabetes

A Constant Feeling of Itchiness

While we are talking about the skin, you can also notice that your skin is becoming very itchy. Diabetes is a condition that has an impact on blood circulation too. Poor circulation results in itchy and dry skin. In case creams and moisturizers don’t provide any effects, you should check your blood sugar levels right away.

Changes in The Hearing Ability

When people experience hearing changes they usually link this condition to the aging process which is true in most cases. On the other hand, diabetes can also affect your hearing ability and be the main cause of your need to ask people to speak louder or increase the volume on your computer or TV.

A recent scientific study conducted by experts from the National Institute of Health has shown that hearing loss can be a result of a pre-diabetic condition. The study has shown that the increase of hearing loss increases by an amazing 30% when people have blood sugar figures that are below diabetic readings and above normal readings (prediabetes).

Scientists are convinced that nerves and blood vessels located in the ears suffer damage due to diabetes which leads to poor hearing ability.

So, instead of struggling to listen to your friends and family, make sure that your blood sugar levels are normal.

Improved Eye Vision

Hearing loss is often accompanied by deteriorated eye vision during the aging process. In case your eye vision is slightly worse each year and all of a sudden you don’t need your glass to read a book, you should check your blood sugar levels.

As we have mentioned before, this disease is often related, but in some cases, eye vision can become better. The reason is simple – diabetes affects the level of fluids in the system and the eyes as part of this system. So, your eye vision might change very frequently. If you notice frequent changes (be it good or bad) you should consult your doctor.

Changes That Make Your Skin Look Less Attractive

Now here’s another organ that is directly affected by aging. Wrinkles and fine lines are common occurrences in older people. On the other hand, changes on the skin that result in dark skin patches, especially on the knuckles, elbows, and/or the back of the neck are a clear sign that your blood sugar levels are not normal.

A condition known as Acanthosis Nigerian is the direct cause of these changes and in some cases, the changes are caused by diabetes. Skin cells and melanin tend to grow in the presence of high blood sugar levels. Speaking generally, proper weight management can solve these problems. You can also seek advice from a dermatologist.

People believe that they know everything about common diseases. However, in many cases, these health problems are not that simple and diseases can appear in different ways.

In this article we have mentioned four surprising ways in which diabetes occurs, so make sure to take some action in case you notice any of these signs.

Even though all these symptoms may not be related to diabetes, they are indicating that there is a high chance of developing this disease. You can use this information to make changes in your lifestyle that will keep you healthy.

Sources: Prevention | Suma Health | Bel Marra Health


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