Facial Spoon Massage for Better Skin [Video]

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(HealthAndLovePage) Facial massage provides many benefits for the skin and it is especially recommended for women at the age above 30. This is the period when the skin’s flexibility and elasticity slowly becomes weakened and the tissue beneath the skin becomes harder.

In order to keep the beauty and youthful appearance of skin you can use this facial spoon massage. Even the famous German physician cosmetologist Rene Koch advises the use of this massage.

So, what makes facial spoon massage so useful? The reason for its usefulness is quite simple – you can get fantastic results without using expensive products and leaving your home. Some of the results you can expect are: discharge of excess fluid found in the tissue, improved blood circulation, reduction of visible fine lines and wrinkles, increased elasticity of the skin, increased smoothness etc.

The best part is that this treatment won’t cost you a dime. The results are visible really fast – after 12 days you will notice some remarkable results. Of course, you will have to practice the facial spoon massage on a daily basis in this period.

Facial Spoon Massage

The massage technique used in this process is very easy. In order to perform this treatment you will need a teaspoon, a small bowl filled with warm oil (use some essential oil like olive, sunflower or linseed oil) and a cup of cold water and some ice cubes.

Once you have these things prepared you should start with the following procedure:

Carefully remove all the makeup from your face, wash the face thoroughly and put some hydrating cream. The spoons need to be disinfected (use alcohol) and placed in a glass of cold water with ice cubes.

Once the tablespoons are cooled, place them on the upper lids of your eyes. Keep them in the same positions for few seconds. Perform this procedure for five times. When the tablespoon becomes warm switch it with a cold one. Use the same technique for the lower lids. This is a great method to eliminate swelling of eyelids and puffiness in this area.

In order to start with the facial spoon massage you will have to place the spoons in the heated oil and leave them like that for a while. Start the massage by using the spoons on the facial lines.

You need to go through the basic facial lines.

1. Start with the forehead from the top of the nose and continue through the temples and the line of hair growth.

2. Use it on the eyelids with round movements from the inner corner and back.

3. Use it on the cheeks from the beginning of the nostrils to the temples – on the chin in a direction towards the temples and on the neck from its basis to the chin.

Each of these movements should be performed ten times.

In case you notice that the spoon is not sliding on the skin smoothly this means that you need to add more oil on it. After the procedure is finished use hot water to thoroughly clean your face.

The facial spoon massage should take you about 10 minutes. Try to increase this duration every day. Begin with two minutes on the first day and increase the amount of time for one minute every day. In the end the massage will last for 10-12 minutes.

However, it is good to point out that you will feel total relaxation even after the first massage. Massage involving spoons is really easy and it is very convenient and comfortable. What is even more important is the fact that it rejuvenates your skin.

You can perform it at any period of the day and you can continue using as long as you want. The best effects can be expected if you use it for 10 days in a row. This is a video in which reputable Russian physician Angelica Shandra demonstrates the procedure for the facial spoon massage:


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