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Frankincense and Cancer – What You Need to Know About This Essential Oil

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One of the gifts brought to Jesus by the three wise men was frankincense oil. This oil is much more than just a fragrance incense as it provides numerous health benefits, the most important one being its anti-cancer property. So, even in these modern times, we can say that frankincense oil is really fit for a king.

This oil has been used ever since ancient times to prevent hazardous infections, support immunity, and quell inflammations that cause diseases. However, the majority are still unaware of the great potential of frankincense oil in the fight against cancer. This incredible feature was confirmed by many researchers, one group of which comes from the Healthline

The unique compound of frankincense, or Boswellia, which is responsible for most of its benefits, among which is the cancer-fighting property, is called AKBA or acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid. Its effects were confirmed by many scientific tests. Researchers from the University of Leicester, received funding from the government of Oman to discover how frankincense can be an effective and safe remedy for women with one of the leading types of cancer- ovarian cancer.

It’s extremely difficult to treat ovarian cancer in late stages with conventional treatments, but the AKBA located in this oil showed clear efficacy. The Ph.D. student at the University’s Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine department and the lead author who covered these discoveries, Kamla Al-Salmani, stated that they have spent a year studying the compound acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid with Cancer cell lines in vitro.

They succeeded to show its effectiveness in destroying cancer cells, without any noted side effects. She says this discovery could be taken to a clinical trial and become an additional treatment method for ovarian cancer.

Cancer Cells that Don’t React to Chemotherapy are Destroyed by Frankincense

Other researches about the AKBA compound have shown that besides being effective against ovarian cancer, it is also effective against breast, prostate, and colon cancer, among others. According to the research, frankincense oil might not be used only as an additional treatment to radiation and chemotherapy, but as their replacement.

This is due to the fact that frankincense affects some areas which can’t be affected by chemotherapy, especially in cases of ovarian cancer. Al-Salmani’s program was headed by Dr. Mark Evans who explains that some cancer cell lines which don’t react to chemotherapy are significantly reacting to frankincense.

Even though frankincense oil is commonly mixed with jojoba oil, saponified coconut oil, or other carrier oil and applied topically, it can as well be consumed orally. Just add 1-2 drops of the oil to your beverage. However, don’t forget to consult a doctor expert on essential oil usage, prior to including this regimen in the treatment of cancer.

Via The Truth About Cancer

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