Frankincense Oil for Migraine Relief and Headaches

Frankincense Oil for Migraine Relief and Headaches
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In case you have experienced migraine even once in your life, you probably remember how painful this experience is and how desperate you were to stop the pain. Even though folk medicine provides certain things that can help people soothe migraine, only a small number of people know that only one completely natural ingredient can completely eliminate migraine pain and it can do this in a very short period of time.

Migraine Trust is a magazine dedicated to migraine and this magazine has recently published a report which claims that more than half of people who suffer from migraine have faced at least one attack each month while more than 10% say that they has more than one attack each week.

According to some other reports, more than 20 millions days are lost from school or work around the globe due to migraine. The WHO (World Health Organization) has listed severe migraine as one of the most difficult types of illnesses similar to quadriplegia, dementia and psychosis.

People who are dealing with migraines are aware of the fact that migraine is way different than common headaches. The intensity of this pain and the time it lasts are the two things that make it different.

In case you are not sure whether you have migraine or some other type of headache, you should do some research. In any case, visit your doctor’s office if the pain doesn’t stop after you’ve tried OTC medication and natural home remedies.


If we take a close look about the activity of our body in the head, we will notice that there is blood flow that runs in circles. This is happening because the brain tissue needs oxygen all the time. The brain is managing the bodily functions and that’s why it must be fresh all the time.

When people start experiencing migraines, there are two different things that lead to pain. First of all, the blood vessels are expanded. They are widened and need more blood. So, the pressure these blood vessels feel results in the pain.

In addition, the second reason why this pain occurs is the leaks from the cranial vessels that result in swelling in the area round them. In both cases, it is the increased pressure on the brain that triggers the headache.

Experts often say that migraines last from 4 hours up to 3 days. This is a very painful period in the lives of these people and some of them are so sick that they start vomiting. In many cases, laying down and resting can ease the pain.

It is not unusual for people who fight migraine to witness visual hallucinations in the form of small objects and inability to look clear. This is not something that lasts for a long time, but it can affect our everyday activities including driving.


Migraines are caused by many different things like stress, consumption of red wine, dehydration, exposure to loud noise, consumption of products based on soy and weather changes. People dealing with migraines usually know these migraine triggers and tend to stay away from them.

The truth is that women are more prone to migraines because of the frequent changes in the hormonal levels. Most of them tend to experience migraine episodes in the same period of the month (related to their period). In some cases, menopause and pregnancy can intensify the occurrence of migraine.


According to Migraine Trust, migraines are still left without diagnosis and left untreated and this is happening in more than half of the cases. Less than half of the people who experience migraines talk to their doctors about this problem. The vast majority of people try to solve this problem on their own with the help of certain pain killers/relievers like aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen.

While we are talking about these drugs we should mention that ibuprofen and aspirin tend to thin human blood and they provide only mild effects by lowering blood pressure. What is even worse is that these effects appear very slowly.

In addition, people can use prescription medications and they come in the form of patches, pills, nasal inhalants and injections. When it comes to oral medications, people usually use them when they notice the first symptoms of migraine.

Get Rid of a Migraine Instantly Using Frankincense Oil

Is there are simple cure for a migraine? The answer is YES. A single drop of quality essential organic frankincense oil put on the pad of the thumb and applied on the roof the mouth after that will do wonders for your health. With its help you will forget about the migraine in the blink of an eye.

Frankincense has been used by many nations for centuries. For instance, Ancient Egyptians used this oil for migraines, but they used it topically on the head. Since there are some people who can’t stand the taste of this oil, they try to rub their head on certain points of the head in order to stop migraines.

This method is worth trying because you’ve got nothing to lose. Simply soak your fingertips in frankincense oil and massage the scalp, forehead and the back of the neck for a few minutes.

A scientific study has shown that frankincense is rich in mono-terpenes that have strong anti-inflammatory properties. With its help, people can soothe the swelling that occurs in the blood vessels and ultimately reduce the pain. Another scientific study has confirmed that this oil can lower the frequency and intensity of headaches in patients with severe migraines.

If you are one of the few persons that didn’t experience any improvement from frankincense oil, you must focus on tightening your blood vessels. Sometimes applying cold compresses can be helpful. Wrap some ice in a bag and press it on the back of your neck. Some people claim that breathing while they have certain amount of cold water in the mouth has helped them too.

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