Fresh Juice Recipe for No More Sinuses

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Sinusitis is accompanied by nasal congestions, an occurrence which is very unpleasant.

Luckily, you can easily eliminate nasal congestions by consuming fresh juices and implementing some changes in your diet.

Eliminate: animal meat products from your diet.

Stay Away From: sugar, dairy and flour products, tobacco and refined and/or processed foods.

There are many people with young children who notice that their kids have problems with a stuffy nose when they wake up in the morning.

Some of them feel like they can’t breathe.

This is a situation in which you should definitely try some diet adjustments.

For example, avoid the use of dairy products and rely on some natural recipes that have proven to solve sinus problems.

So, first of all remove the “dangerous” foods from the menu and after that use the juice that we will present in this article in order to reduce nasal congestion and eventually completely eliminate it.

In case you or your child is experiencing a severe form of sinusitis, using probiotics or garlic oil capsules can significantly improve your current health condition. Having a glass of water with a small amount of Celtic sea salt before bedtime can also reduce the occurrence of stuffy nose early in the morning.

Fresh Juice Recipe For One Portion

This recipe can also improve your eyesight.

Two orangesTwo carrotsOne green appleA small amount of ginger (if desired)

This recipe won’t provide any results if you don’t reduce or eliminate the use of the aforementioned foods.

Drink this juice on a regular basis until you notice an improvement.

Via Juicing For Health

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