Get Rid of Inflammatories, Leukemia and Cancer by Drinking Lime Water for 3-6 Months

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Lime Water Recipe

Take 1 Pound (about 500 gr) of quicklime (in solid form and wood-burnt) and place it in 1.3 Gallons (5 l) of cold water in a bowl or pot (avoid stainless steel).

Leave this mixture for 24 hours and after that, strain it. Next, drink the strained water and throw away the rest of the lime. This mixture is stored in glass bottles.

Drink about 1 cup per day. It is best to drink it twice a day (1/2 cup each time) on an empty stomach and avoid eating anything for three hours after that.

The second dose should be consumed after 12 hours on an empty stomach. In other words, three hours before and three hours after we consume the lime water we should not eat.

In case you can’t drink this water, add about 0.2 cups (50 ml) of yogurt to the cup of lime water. The treatment lasts between three and six months and it is highly recommended for people suffering from cancer, leukemia and other serious disease. It is worth mentioning that lime water is beneficial for healthy people too.

This drink is recommended by a woman who fully healed even though she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, a situation in which modern medicine cannot do anything else but predict how many days are left for the patient.

Besides drinking lime water, this woman also used a bath made of sodium bicarbonate and she stopped eating sugary products.

In order to prepare this bath, fill the tub with water and dissolve about 1 Pound of baking soda. Sit in the tub for about 60 minutes and add some hot water if needed. Older generations used lime water to clean the tripe of animals from all the toxins before they prepare a meal.

NOTE: On the other hand, an experienced chemist claims that the lime water prepared in a way that we have mentioned before is actually dangerous. He claims that lime water is prepared completely different.

Lime Water Recipe 2

Take 1.5 grams of calcium hydroxide and dilute it in one liter of water. This means only 7.5 grams in 5 liters of water. Keep in mind that we are talking about slaked lime this time.

NOTE: According to the chemist, the recipe that was mentioned in the beginning of this article is used for getting milk of lime and in this ratio of calcium oxide or quicklime and water (0.5 kg: 5 kg) you will get supersaturated solution with pH of 12.5

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