Get Rid of the Gallstones Drinking This Simple Drink

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You probably know that a poor diet is a key factor of the exhaustion, fatigue and lack of overall energy that you need. It is also a major cause of gallstones.

However, you can get rid of this condition easily by this simple mixture of fruit and vegetables.

Get Rid of the Gallstones

This remarkable mix is prepared as follows:


2 cups (1/2 l) of water.1 cucumber.2 carrots.1 grapefruit.2 pieces of ginger (grounded).5 leaves fresh mint.


Chop the cucumber, carrots and grapefruit on medium-sized pieces and put them into your blender. When the fruits and vegetables are well mixed, add the water and ginger and stir them again. Add mint leaves and mix all ingredients again.

Consume the mix twice a day, first in the morning on an empty stomach and afternoon before lunch.

The benefits of the mix:

You know that fruits and vegetables are healthy and necessary for a healthy life. Each of these ingredients has a specific nutritional value:

Cucumber. It is rich in fibers that increase the feeling of satiety. It acts as a natural diuretic, cleaning the body of accumulated toxins and it reduces bloating.Carrot. This vegetable is full of antioxidants, fiber and beta-carotene – which the body converts into vitamin A. It stimulates the entire digestive system.Grapefruit. Juicy fruits rich in vitamin C, excellent for weight loss. It dissolves the body fat and converts the fat into energy.Ginger. It improves blood circulation and immune system. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.Mint. This excellent herb stimulates digestion. It calms the stomach upsets.

Source: Medical News Today

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