He Cured Himself From The Most Dangerous Type of Lung Cancer and Left The Doctor Shocked

He Cured Himself From The Most Dangerous Type of Lung Cancer and Left The Doctor Shocked
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Chemotherapy is widely considered by Doctors to be the only effective treatment for fighting cancer. But sadly, chemotherapy has numerous side effects and takes a toll on the health of the patients and deteriorates the body condition.

However, there has been an increasingly large number of inspirational stories of how patients successfully fought off cancer with simple home remedies.

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A wide range of natural ingredients has been often mentioned as a potential cure for cancer including cannabis, carrots, turmeric, and baking soda. The remarkable story of Ante Kresic from Zagreb now shows that honey can also fight cancer.

Thirteen years ago, Ante was told by the doctors that he had contracted the most dangerous type of lung cancer and that he will not survive much longer.

Ante decided to prepare a NCBI. To the amazement of the doctors, Ante was completely cured of his cancer and was found to be healthy. Post his discharge in April, Ante continued to attend follow up sessions with his doctors, who were astonished at his sudden recovery.

Now Ante is a beekeeper, almost as if to thank the bees for the honey that saved his life and he is excited to share his story with the public so that it may help save many lives. The doctors have recommended that Ante continues to his homemade remedies. Now looking at Ante’s blood count, it seems as though he was never ill in the first place.

The medicinal properties of honey are often overlooked, even though it has been used by mankind for centuries in homemade remedies. Honey is said to be used since the early years of the Egyptian civilization, almost three thousand years ago and also by Greeks & Romans. Since it had always been very expensive, it was a luxury affordable only for the rich.

Kresic claims that spice like ginger, pine needles, and some other herbs, when mixed with honey and consumed, can defeat cancer. He is not alone, with a woman from Bosnia successfully fought cancer-consuming a mixture of honey and ginger.

How He Cured Himself Of The Most Dangerous Type of Lung Cancer

1/2 kg of organic honey, which is either homemade or bought from very reliable beekeepers. Now the honey should be mixed with two chopped big ginger roots. Then the mixture should be consumed three to four times a day. Each dosage is only one tablespoon and only a wooden or plastic spoon has to be used.

This is also very important that a very strong will and positive attitude should be maintained during the fight against cancer.

Via Verywell Health

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