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Health Benefits of Watermelon and the Right Way to Use it

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The first things that come to your mind when thinking about watermelon are probably summer and its sweet, refreshing taste. But, besides being the most popular summer food, watermelon also provides numerous health benefits. So, here you’ll learn not only the health benefits of watermelon but also the right way to use it as a medicine.

For instance, did you know it can help treat edema, high blood pressure, or skin fungus? That’s right. You can use watermelon as a medicine for a wide range of health issues thanks to its nutrient-dense content.

It is packed with vitamin B, C, beta-carotene, phosphorus, calcium, iodine, potassium, manganese, and other important minerals. What’s more, watermelon is one of the best low-calorie foods with only 29 calories in 100 gr.

Health Benefits of Watermelon and the Right Way to Use It

Consume watermelon seeds to dilate your blood vessels, thus reduce your blood pressure levels and enhance the function of your kidneys. Also, you can do a watermelon fast for one day to cleanse your kidneys. Eat several small watermelon cubes every 15 minutes, especially if you have kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

Being a great diuretic, watermelon is useful for treating edema. Moreover, it’s a mild laxative, so it helps treat constipation.

1. Kidney Cleanse

Thanks to its exceptional diuretic properties, watermelon can help flush out the excess fluid from your body. So, to cleanse your kidneys do a one-day watermelon fasting by consuming a slice whenever you’re hungry. Also, you can juice it and drink it as a sweet, refreshing beverage.

2. Kidney Infection

If you have a kidney infection, it’s important to receive a proper medical treatment. However, after you finish it, make sure you eat healthy foods and drink plenty of fluids to protect your kidneys against bacteria and other infections.

As you know, watermelon is one of the foods with higher water content which makes it ideal for this purpose. Other fruits and vegetables to consider are apple and cucumber.

3. Kidney Stones

Another way to use watermelon as a medicine is to help eliminate kidney stones. Take a tablespoon of watermelon seeds and pour it with a pint of boiling water. Let the seeds (cut or ground) steep for a while. Allow it to cool and strain. Consume 3 glasses of this watermelon seed tea a day.

4. Liver Cleanse

To use watermelon to clean your liver, drink three cups of watermelon juice every day. This watermelon cleanse will help your liver process the waste from protein digestion, called ammonia. Furthermore, it’ll help convert it into urea that’s part of the urine, thus safely eliminating it from the body.

5. Colon Detox

Dehydration is one of the most common problems in those with colon problems. To have a cleaner colon and ensure you have a proper digestion, add more liquids into your daily diet. The liquid will provide the digested food with proper hydration to break it down easily.

So, besides drinking more water and other beverages, you should also consume foods high in water such as watermelon.

6. Constipation

An excellent way to deal with your constipation is to eat watermelon. Its high water and fiber content will help restore your intestine and colon health. So, within a short time, your colon will start the waste elimination process. However, don’t eat too much watermelon to prevent diarrhea.

7. Skin Fungi

Watermelon rind shows anti-fungal effects, so use it to rub it on the affected skin few times a day.

8. Skin Pimples

Once again, use the rind to clean your skin from pimples and other bacteria-caused skin conditions. Rub it on the affected area and let it stay for several minutes. Then, just wash it off with clean water.

9. Edema/Water retention

Edema or water retention is the primary cause of swollen feet and hands. To treat and prevent the swellings, consume three cups of watermelon juice every day until your condition improves. This is due to watermelon’s diuretic properties.

10. Hypertension and Problems in the Arteries

The American Journal of Hypertension has published a study conducted by researchers from the Florida State University on the effects of watermelon on high blood pressure. They proved that its amino acid L-citrulline helps boost the blood flow, relax the arteries and reduce systolic blood pressure by 9 points.

11. Gout

Once again, its high water content and alkaline nature make it extremely beneficial in the treatment of gout. Watermelon helps dissolve and eliminate the uric acid crystals that are the culprit of gout pain.

12. Diabetes

Even though watermelon has low carb and natural sugar levels per serving, its high nutrient content and low calories make is a good food for everyone, even for those with high blood sugar. Nevertheless, consult your doctor or nutritionist before consuming.

13. Heartburn

Use watermelon to ease and prevent heartburn. Eat 4-6 chunks slowly, several times a day. How much watermelon you should eat depends on how severe your heartburn is.

14. Reduces the Risk of Stroke and Cancer

According to a meta-analysis in 2014, lycopene found in watermelons reduces the risk of stroke, including its occurrence and mortality rate, by over 19 percent. Also, its powerful antioxidant content shows anti-cancer activity, thus reducing the risk of cancer as well.

These are the best health benefits of watermelon. Eat more of it to prevent and treat these health conditions while enjoying its sweet taste!

How to Pick the Right Watermelon

Source Healthline | Healthy and Natural World

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