Healthy and Positive Benefits of Talking to Yourself

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When people see you talking to yourself, they will call you crazy. But now a scientific study makes claims which are the very opposite of what people may say.

I am always talking to myself and I think it is one of the good habits I have. I congratulate and scold myself out loud. I need to affirm myself at times. It doesn’t involve full conversations, but it does help me make sense of things and make the right decisions.

Probably, the reason why people call a self-talking person crazy is that this condition is actually linked to some mental illnesses like schizophrenia.

But if you are not suffering from any such condition, there are many healthy and positive benefits of talking to yourself.

Read Gigi Engle’s article in the Elite Daily, where she explains why talking to oneself means the person is a genius.

According to the author, those who talk to themselves belong to the class of the smartest human beings. She asks to check out the inner monologues of all the biggest thinkers. She quotes examples from history, from the world of poetry, and much more.

Benefits of Talking to Yourself

(as proven in scientific studies)

It helps boost your brain function & overall performance – When you are talking to yourself, it is going to help you remain focused on your task. It will also help in boosting our perception abilities. Two researchers – Gary Lupyan and Healthline of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of Pennsylvania respectively performed a study and found that the use of verbal clues was beneficial when it comes to looking for lost items.Improves your Memory Retention – Talking loud will stimulate a larger number of sensory channels compared to subvocalizing. You will not only hear your sound, but it will also help in engaging your emotions.Improves your Preparations & Succeeding at Meetings – When you prepare for an interview or presentation, talk to yourself for practice. This will help you prepare perfectly for the moment. Practicing it out loud will also help you eliminate the anxiety associated with such occasions.Get yourself Motivated – Psychologists have found during studies that when people use ‘you’ to address themselves (in place of ‘I’), it helps motivate them. Talking to yourself is more effective when you use the second person to address yourself. According to Dr. Sanda Dolcos of the University of Illinois, using ‘you’ to give advice to oneself likely allows people to get a wider perspective.Improves your Self Esteem – Self-talking involving complimenting and encouraging yourself will help improve your confidence. You should talk to yourself as if you are talking to your best friend.

So the next time you see someone talking to themselves, don’t feel odd about it. It is not just that it’s a kid’s job to talk to himself. Adults can also talk to themselves and it can make a big difference in your life.

Via Your Tango

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