Healthy Food Substitutions [Infographic]

Healthy Food Substitutions [Infographic]
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In case you have finally decided to start practicing a more natural and healthier diet or you simply want to stay away from products that contain gluten, meat, and dairy products, you will surely have to make the necessary changes in your favorite recipes and meals in order to make them suitable for your new diet plan.

In order to speed up this process, we are presenting an infographic where you can find several alternatives to certain foods and make your baking and cooking at home easier.

Healthy Food Substitutions – Changes for a Healthy Diet

First of all, if you want to remove wheat from your menu, you should use some other grains or flour when baking. Furthermore, brown rice flour and almond flour can serve as a replacement for regular white flour in case you are following a diet that is gluten-free and low on carbohydrates.

Wheat flour can be replaced with white rice flour and tapioca flour in order to avoid gluten. Rice is a good source of protein, but there is an alternative that has proven to be much healthier in case you want to stay away from gluten and that’s quinoa.

Don’t forget that regular as well as golden flaxseed meals can be used when baking and it is also a great addition for meatloaf, pancakes, cereals, and yogurt.

People who are fond of sweet-tasting foods can replace artificial sweeteners with their natural versions like brown rice syrup, fructose, nectar, and date sugar as an alternative to sugar in different recipes or as tasty toppings for cereal, oatmeal, pancakes, and many other meals.

Lactose, also known as milk sugar, can be used in children’s milk in order to make milk sweeter.

In addition, you can use carob powder as a replacement for chocolate – it is low on calories and much sweeter.

If you want to practice healthy cooking, avoid the use of soybean oils and corn. You can use macadamia nut oil which is known for a more balanced saturated-unsaturated ratio compared to olive oil. You can also start using virgin coconut oil and rice bran oil for salad dressings, frying, and cooking.

In case you need a thickening agent that is free of dairy products and gluten, you should use agar powder, xanthan gum powder, or guar gum powder.

Those who want to become vegans or vegetarians should pay special attention to protein intake. That’s why milk’s cow should be replaced with buttermilk powder that will serve as a leavening agent in soy milk or baked goods.

Finally, dry roasted beans are very tasty and rich in protein while textured soy protein can be a great addition when preparing veggie chili and veggie burgers.

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Via Einstein Perspectives | Now Foods


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