Healthy Food That Burns Fat, Boosts Metabolism, And Shrinks Your Waistline

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Want to trim off your waist, burn fats and boost metabolism in record time? Check out the following delicious and healthy food that burns fat, promotes weight loss and boosts your metabolism.

Make sure you throw all that junk food and completely rely on these foods and very soon the extra pounds will be gone.

Healthy Food that Burns Fat

Foods rich in fiber but low in calories will keep you satiated for longer and will provide the needed energy for the whole day. According to the nutritionists, about 25g of fiber (women) and 38 g (men) are recommended on a daily basis.

This following list includes healthy food that burns fat in record time.

Cauliflower. It contains about 25 calories in 100g. Also, it is loaded with high amounts of vitamin K, vitamin C, and fiber.Raw Cabbage. With 21 calories in 100 g, cabbage is a potent cholesterol-lowering food.Asparagus. Along with the 20 calories in 100g, it is rich in powerful nutrients that boost the overall metabolism.Celery. With only 16 calories in 100g, celery is 75 percent water and 25 percent fiber. Also, it is rich in sodium and potassium which make it an ideal food for a post-workout drink.Cucumber. It contains only 16 calories in 100g and due to the caffeic and ascorbic acid, it prevents water retention in the body.

Along with these foods, beans, berries, whole grains and sweet peas are other potent fiber-rich foods.

Healthy Drinks that Boost the Metabolism

Along with the healthy food that burns fat, there are some potent drinks that will boost the overall metabolism. They include:

Water is definitely the first drink that will promote the process of burning calories. As soon as you reduce your water intake, your metabolism will slow down.Green Tea. According to a study conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, green tea is rich in thermogenic qualities that stimulate fat oxidation. Thermogenesis is a specific process in which the body burns calories while absorbing the food we consume.Some researches about coffee and caffeine found that fat oxidation is far greater after a cup of coffee rather than a cup of decaffeinated coffee.Grapefruit juice. This juice reduces high levels of insulin which help the body to metabolize the fats in a more effective manner.

Healthy Food for Muscle Building

These foods are rich in protein, one of the most important elements for muscle building and weight loss.

Egg. It contains 6g of protein and a high amount of iron, calcium, and zinc, important minerals for muscle building and recovery as well as all of the eight amino acids.Nuts. They are loaded with a perfect blend of protein, unsaturated fats, and fiber.Cottage Cheese. This is an important dietary supplement for muscle building because of the level of casein it contains. This protein slowly digests in the body but provides good bacteria which breaks down nutrients.Kefir. This is a far better option than the regular milk due to the probiotics it contains which further improve digestion.Salmon. It is high in omega-3 fatty acids and high-quality protein which prevent the breakdown of muscles.Lean beef. With only 53 calories in 28g, lean beef provides the body important nutrients such as vitamin B, iron, zinc, amino acids, and protein.

Natural Protein

In relation to carbohydrates, proteins are far more thermogenic as it is shown by a study in 2002. So, pork, lean beef, turkey, and chicken are the most recommended types of meat, especially the white meat.

If you do not prefer meat you can eat egg whites and drink plenty of milk. Also, fish, especially salmon and sardines provide a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids which protect the heart while tuna improves slow metabolism.

When it comes to vegans and vegetarians, they can satisfy the need of protein by some fiber-rich vegetables and fruits which can speed up the metabolism.  Such vegetables include yams, sweet potatoes, spinach, and broccoli. Include more fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, apples, cantaloupes and blueberries.

Additional Notes

Along with these foods, include some fat-burning workout in order to get the most effective results. For this purpose, you should practice more cardio exercises combined with some weight-lifting ones.

Here is one possible workout for you:

12 min – step mill,4 sets of 25 reps – barbell curl,6 min – rope jumping,4 sets of 25 reps – side lateral raise,6 min – rope jumping,4 sets of 25 reps – weighted crunches,4 sets of 10 reps – hanging leg raise.

Source Cure Joy | Healthline | Healthy Bio Food
Image Source Style Craze

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