Here is How to Lose Stomach Fat Without Exercise

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Do you have belly fat that expands into the abdomen and you want to lose it without much exercise? Of course, there is a way to get a flat belly without exercising or dieting.

First of all, it is necessary not to avoid breakfast which we all know is a very important meal in the whole day. However, which food is the most suitable for breakfast during losing waist size? It is very simple – eggs.

According to a survey conducted in 2008, eggs proved a very important ingredient, when it comes to the loss of belly fat.

This is so because eggs are rich in proteins. Your breakfast should include more proteins that will keep you full until lunch. It is suggested by the experts that your breakfast should give at least 20 grams of protein to your body. What is surprising is that one egg contains 6 grams of proteins.

This is What You Should Prefer

Boil yourself an egg when hungry and you will provide your body with the healthiest ingredient, low in calories. This ideal breakfast is not time-consuming and is easy to prepare. A very good choice of a balanced meal, low in calories is one boiled egg (78 calories) and an apple (80 calories).

This is a perfect way to improve your health and at the same time to remove all of the unhealthy habits that you had for breakfast.

Via Soine Dermatology

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