Here’s How This Woman Has Solved Over 4000 Cancer Cases in Germany in the Last 60 Years (Recipe)

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A lot of natural health experts have criticized the core protocol of Johanna Budwig, stating that it’s unreal and not suitable for reversing cancer.

The essential parts in her protocol include different dietary requirements, and lots of stress management and sunshine. According to her, these are the main things to focus on when healing one’s entire body.

Dr. Andrew Weil criticized the Budwig diet, saying that using cottage cheese to cure cancer is only a wish.

Nevertheless, in a 5 decade-period, her diet successfully solved 90 percent of different cancer cases in Germany, in total of 4500 cancer sufferers. Some of them were even considered as terminal.

Her diet consists of two foods: cottage cheese and flaxseed oil. The initial scheme was consisted of quark and flaxseed oil. Quark is a white cheese with a crumbly texture, similar to ricotta, mostly used by Scandinavian countries, German-speaking nations, and most of the Eastern European region.

Since this cheese isn’t available in U.S., it was replaced by cottage cheese. But Dr. Budwig diet required other dietary requirements too, such as lots of sunshine and stress management.

Scientific Explanation of the Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese/Quark Cancer Treatment

The physicist and biochemist Johanna Budwig was a senior scientist in the German Federal Ministry of Health (similar to the U.S. FDA but less bureaucratically corrupted) in the early 1950’s. Her task was to discover the proper medication for cancer from the German pharmaceutical companies.

She was given data about one sulfhydryl group by one of these companies, considered to be a successful medication for cancer. The group was actually consisted of amino acids (proteins) which contain sulphur. She got an overview of the matters connected to oxygenating cancerous cells through dietary means, since these cells cannot survive and grow in oxygen.

The discovery that cancer cells cannot thrive in environment high in oxygen, but can live in an anaerobic environment brought Otto Warburg a Nobel Prize in 1931. He attempted to discover a respiratory enzyme that will aid in the oxygenation of cancer cells. Warburg realized that there is a connection between fats and the enhancement or inhibition of cellular oxygen absorption, however in the meantime, fats weren’t classified with their functions and biochemical structures.

Johanna Budwig managed to find a method to categorize the various properties of fatty acids around the middle of the 20th century.

Budwig was funded to proceed with her research about establishing the various properties of fatty acids, thanks to her discovery. She analyzed the molecular properties of a lot of fats, and separated them into unsaturated and saturated, isolating lauric acid or linoleic acid, and decided if they enhanced or inhibited cellular oxygen absorption.

More precisely, most of the known facts about fatty acids nowadays is a result of Johanna Budwig and her discoveries.

She explained her discovery by saying that if there weren’t for these fatty acids, people will suffocate even in air rich in oxygen, as the respiratory enzymes are not able to function without them. Lack of these unsaturated fatty acids impedes great number of vital functions, starting with the reduced supply of available oxygen to a person. As we can’t live without air and food, we can’t live without these fatty acids.

Also, Dr. Budwig found that organic cold pressed flaxseed oil is the most convenient fat to combine with the protein-sulfur of cottage cheese /quark for the elusive respiratory enzyme which can enter cancer cells. These two different ingredients can restore normalcy in cancer cells, by combining and creating the oxygen within these cells.

Her discovered method about determination of the fatty acids properties has enabled realization of her extensive research, which in turn has resulted in the creation of her specific diet. Quark/cottage cheese with pure cold pressed flaxseed oil is a cancer-fighting combination which is way more than a culinary quirk.

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