Here’s How You Can Use Peanut Butter to Diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease!

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Over 5 million people in U.S. are suffering from the most common form of dementia – Alzheimer’s disease. On average, every 66 seconds one American develops this disease, which is the 6th leading cause of death in America.

The symptoms of this progressive disease worsen over the years, including behavior and mood changes, disorientation, unfounded suspicions, deepening confusion, difficulty speaking, walking, and swallowing, and serious memory loss.

Alzheimer’s in an incurable disease which can be devastating to those affected, their family and friends. However, Alzheimer’s sufferers can significantly improve their life quality and prolong their lifespan, if they discover the disease in the early stages.

Although this can be very difficult, early intervention can help them achieve that. But, having difficulties remembering things doesn’t necessarily indicate Alzheimer’s. The McKnight Brain Institute for Smell and Taste at the University of Florida has made early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s possible.

Clinicians have found a way to enable early diagnosis of this disease using nothing but a ruler and a scoop of peanut butter. With this simple discovery, millions of people were given the chance to make more memories. They can predict and address Alzheimer’s before it becomes too overwhelming for the patients.

Here’s How It Works

The researchers conducted a study on patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. The patients had to detect a smell with one nostril at a time, with their eyes closed. For that purpose, the clinicians used a small container of peanut butter and a ruler to measure the distance from each nostril that the patients could detect the smell.

The results showed that Alzheimer’s patients have more difficult time detecting the peanut butter smell from their left nostril, in comparison with the opposite one.

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One of the researchers, Jennifer Stamps, explained that the function of the left nostril in all participants with Alzheimer’s disease was impaired, as opposed to the right nostril which was able to detect smell at about 20 cm – a distance normal for older people. Apparently, there was a big asymmetry between the two nostrils, as the right one could detect the peanut butter smell at a distance of 10 cm.

Researchers have chosen peanut butter due to its strong and familiar odor. Alzheimer’s patients can lose their sense of smell even before their memory problems begin. Doctors can now use this fast and cheap peanut butter method to diagnose Alzheimer’s in early stages, thus slowing down its development.

For more info on this unusual Alzheimer’s test, see the video below:

Via David Wolfe | Alzheimer’s Association | Alzheimer’s Net

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