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Here’s The Most Effective Natural Treatment for Varicose Veins!

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There are many health and aesthetic issues that the majority of women experience at some point in their lives like swollen and painful feet, noticeable veins, split and visible capillaries, etc. There is no doubt that this is a visual issue that is bothering every woman. As you are probably aware, this is a clear sign of deteriorating blood vessels in most cases triggered by some external factors and internal factors to some extent.

A patient has this problem for more than two decades. She often spent her time looking for the direct cause of this problem. She was analyzing her body and her lifestyle and realized that capillaries don’t spread very quickly, but in the past three months, they were spreading at a very fast rate. The reason was simple – she was spending most of the days standing and walking in flip-flops.

It seems that sitting and standing in footwear that is not comfortable and has either too low or too high heels speeds up the emergence of varicose veins. Besides, pregnancy also contributes to this problem especially when it comes to the second pregnancy.

However, what we eat and drink is also important. Take a sufficient amount of animal protein and don’t forget to consume a lot of vitamin C to keep the strength of the vein walls.

Trans fatty acids and sugar lead to body inflammation. In this way, you are weakening capillary walls indirectly. So, stay away from these ingredients. On the other hand, horse chestnut, which is often found as a decorative tree in local parks, is great for situations like this. So, check this natural remedy.

Ingredients:3 tablespoons of Aloe Vera (gel)½ cup of carrots (chopped)½ cup of apple cider vinegar.Instructions:Take all the ingredients and place them in a blender. Mix the ingredients until you get an even mixture that resembles a paste. Keep in mind that different areas might need more of this paste, so increase the number of ingredients if necessary.Put this mixture and use a bandage to keep it in place. Leave it for half an hour and use warm water to rinse it after that. To boost the effects of this remedy just lift the legs while the remedy works.

You can use this remedy daily until you notice improvement.

What’s The Science Behind This Recipe?

It looks like it’s all about its ingredients…

Apple cider vinegar serves as a natural coagulant or blood thinner and keeps us safe from blood clots.Carrots are packed with antioxidants, compounds found in almost every commercial skincare product.Aloe Vera gel has proven to be effective against many different health conditions including skin inflammation.

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