Highlight Your Hair Naturally and Save Tons of Money on Hair Salons. Amazing Results!

Highlight Your Hair Naturally and Save Tons of Money on Hair Salons. Amazing Results!
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In case you are interested in changing and improving your look and you are bored with the hair color you have (and you are not prepared to invest a small fortune in beauty salons only to damage your hair), you can always try to highlight your hair naturally without breaking your bank.

Highlight Your Hair Naturally

If you add a few new, fresh shades on your hair, you will definitely look different and more attractive. Every ingredient that you need for this natural technique is usually found in your home.


There are only a small number of natural ingredients that can do the things that honey does to our hair. Honey comes with a small quantity of hydrogen peroxide and it is able to provide wetness to the hair. We should not forget that raw honey is very dense and sticky, so it is the best idea to dissolve this natural ingredient in vinegar or water before applying it. In this way you will be able to put it on the hair easily and you can easily wash it once you are done.

Create a mixture of raw honey and water/vinegar and put it on the hair, on the areas where you want to lighten the hair. You can also put it all over the hair in case you want to lighten the hair completely. Once you are done, put a shower cap. Perform this procedure before bedtime and remove the cap in the morning. Once you get up wash your hair.


Chamomile tea is a known natural remedy for many ailments. However, chamomile can also be used for hair care too. Prepare a powerful chamomile tea and wait until it gets cold. Put the tea on the hair (completely or on certain hair strands). Wait until the hair is dry. Don’t use a hairdryer; let it dry in a natural way. Chamomile has proven to be very effective for those who want to lighten up the hair. In addition, chamomile will also make your hair stronger.

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Using lemon is getting quite popular among people who want to highlight their hairs. As you probably know, lemon is rich in citrus acid and this acid has the ability to lighten hair. Take one cup of raw lemon juice and mix it with a quarter of cup of warm water. Pour the mixture in a spray pump bottle. Don’t forget that lemon juice dries the hair, so it is not a bad idea to put some hair oil or conditioner in the mixture. Use the bottle to spray the hair or just some hair strands. Dry your hair outside or inside your home, but don’t use a hairdryer.


We all know how helpful this spice can be when we are trying to spice up our food, but it turns out that cinnamon is great for lightening dark hair too. If you are looking for a lighter shade and warm color, use cinnamon. First of all, wash the hair with a regular shampoo, apply some additional conditioner and use lukewarm water to rinse your hair. Put a mixture of cinnamon (powdered) and lukewarm water while the hair is still not dry.

Massage your scalp with the mixture slowly and use a shower cap to protect the hair. Leave this mixture for a while. The more time you have it on your hair the better results you can expect. Keep in mind that cinnamon can’t damage the hair, which means that this procedure is perfectly safe.

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