Honey Wrap – Treats Bad Cough and Removes Mucus from the Lungs in Just One Night, Especially Good for Kids

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Colds and coughs are not that serious illnesses but very irritating ones. They can reduce our concentration and quality of sleep.

The usual treatments for cough are cough syrups, they are not the preferred solution since they just suppress the signals in the brain that trigger coughing.

Also, the syrups contain codeine and dextromethorphan, substances that can cause many side effects including headaches, rapid heartbeat, and drowsiness.

However, there is a natural remedy that can solve this kind of problem without any side effects. It is named Honey wrap since honey is applied to the chest.

It is very useful as a result of its antibacterial properties and will expel the mucus from your lungs. It is also a very beneficial method for sore throat and clogged sinuses.

What do You need for This Honey Wrap?

1 tbsp freshly grated ginger or ginger powderRaw, Organic HoneyFlourCoconut oilAdhesive TapeNapkin.

How to Make This Honey Wrap?

Take a small amount of honey and mix it with a teaspoon of flour.Warm the coconut oil and mix it all together with the other ingredients.Apply the mixture on a napkin, attach it to your chest and fix it with adhesive tape.

If you apply the wrap on children, leave it no more than 2-3 hours but if it comes to adult people you can leave it overnight.

The primary results can be seen even after the first treatment but keep on until you need to because it is completely safe and healthy.

Via David Wolfe | NCBI | Healthy Food House

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