How Does Your Body React to Drinking Energy Drinks

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Most people, especially students, like energy drinks as they believe they will help them survive their afternoon crash, or help them stay awake throughout the night.

However, not many people know that a can of Red Bull raises the risk of stroke and heart attack.

What is Red Bull Doing to Our Body

Red Bull makes our blood sticky, and our blood stream will be the same as that of people with cardiovascular disease, only an hour after drinking a single can of energy drink.

But, the company claims Red Bull provides a similar effect as soda or a cup of coffee. We can obtain the same result from caffeine, along with a raised reaction speed and a high amount of sugar and artificial sweeteners that provide a short burst of energy.

The effect of Red Bull ingredients on our body is not precisely known, as opposed to the known effects of coffee. And, this makes these two beverages different. Energy drinks contain the neurotoxin with fetal, metabolic, and carcinogenic properties called aspartame. They give you lethargy and cravings for one more can.

Some Countries Have Banned These Beverages

Dr. Mercola explains that last year, around 3.5 billion Red Bull cans were sold in 143 countries. However, the questions about the safety of this energy drink keep appearing when yet another energy-fanatic keels over.

According to statistics, people buy more energy drinks than water bottles. As the popularity of energy drinks increased, some countries have banned them to prevent the possible damage energy drinks can cause.

Uruguay, Denmark, and Norway are the countries that have banned Red Bull, recognizing the possible health risks of the energy drink. In Kuwait, two national squash team members died of a heart attack related to energy drinks, after which Red Bull became illegal for kids younger than 16.

Red Bull and the Risk of Heart Attack

One research investigated the effects of an unidentified energy drink whose content is almost identical to that of Red Bull, on 15 healthy participants. They were given 500 ml (2 cans) of the energy drink every day for a week.

The results showed an increase in their blood pressure levels by 8 percent only 4 hours after drinking it. By the end of the week, the increase reached 10%.

What’s more, the heart rate of the participants increased by 8 percent on the very 1st day of the trial. By the end of the week, it reached 11 percent.

An increase in blood pressure levels and heart rate means an increased risk of a heart attack. More exactly, high blood pressure can cause artery damage, leading to stroke and the formation of blood clots which in turn can cause a heart attack.

On the other hand, rapid heart rates are linked to higher chances of experiencing a heart attack.

What’s in Red Bull?

Besides a lot of carbonation and sugar, the main ingredients of Red Bull are taurine and caffeine – major stimulants.

Even though it’s not yet proven that they cause serious side effects in an average person, there’s insufficient evidence of how the combination of these two affects one’s health.

One study investigated the effects of this energy drink on 13 people during and after exercise.

All of them were experienced in endurance training and they had to perform vigorous exercise 3 times daily. But, before they begin exercising, they drank either Red Bull, a similar drink without taurine, or a placebo that contained no stimulants.

The results showed that their stroke volume increased only after drinking Red Bull.

Stroke volume refers to the amount of blood ejected in and out of one’s heart. In other words, the combination of the stimulants found in Red Bull affects the cardiovascular system, which in turn affects your risk of a heart attack.

All in all, energy drinks such as Red Bull are definitely not a good choice for your heart.

Who Is at High Risk?

Red Bull and all other energy drinks affect the function of blood vessels and raise the risk of blood clotting. Anyone with the following symptoms should avoid energy drinks to prevent stroke.

Improve Your Energy Naturally

You can boost your energy levels naturally, without consuming any type of energy drink. Just consume the right foods and make sure your diet contains more omega-3 fats. For a long-lasting effect on your energy, eliminate sugar and grains from your diet.

Another way to avoid a can of Red Bull is to avoid stressful situations and do regular exercise.

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