How Negative Emotions Can Affect Your Health?

How Negative Emotions Can Affect Your Health?
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People throughout their life experience a range of emotions and feelings. They experience joy, sadness, depression, etc… All these emotions cause a different reaction in the body. In fact, because of these reactions, the body releases different types of chemicals. It is a chemical process. For example, if the brain releases serotonin, dopamine, or oxytocin, someone feels happiness, pleasure, or joy. Otherwise, if the brain releases the hormone cortisol, you get a sense of stress, sadness, and depression.

What happens if you have consistently negative or positive thoughts?
What happens if you had almost no feelings?
What really happens to your body and your brain?

Positive vs. Negative Emotions

Usually, we spend a lot of time defining our feelings and emotions. We wonder, what is that we consider positive or negative. The brain allows you in the first place to notice things, then to assess the situation, and finally to experience it.

Different people have different opinions, views, and experiences on relatively the same things. Very often things can act negatively. Such a situation causes stress or a bad mood while some other experiences the same thing neutral or less negative. Therefore, it is a matter of some innate instincts of judgment or either way of defining things, which depend on your patience and tolerance. It is up to you what will you experience, positive or negative feelings.

Try To Cut the Perceptions

Have you ever thought that there are actually no positive or negative feelings? Is it possible that there are only experiences that you define them as such?

Human perception has huge power in a particular situation. That experience is directed toward a certain emotion and defines how this feeling affects your body. Every new experience moves you towards the mind-awareness-consciousness. Every experience is a new lesson. However, that certain emotion can profoundly affect your health.

The Connection Between Your Mind and Body

The powerful connection between the mind and the body is something that you cannot visualize but has a large effect on the mind and the physical appearance of your body. A strong positive attitude can directly deal with all your challenges, which in return will create a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, if you have a negative attitude, it will create destructive thoughts that will shake your positive affirmation, pushing you into an unhealthy lifestyle.

Why is that so? Emotions and experiences are actually your energy stored in the mobile memory of your mind.

Have you ever experienced such emotional pain you have felt in a particular area of your body? Moreover, did you feel you could react in a different way? It means the place of your body still maintains the energy released from that experience.

Current emotional feeling is often associated with a sense of pain, tightness, or injury in a particular area of the body. It is a result of contact with yourself and your emotions. Often chronic pain in the back, knees, neck, or shoulders is closely associated with some experience and emotions.

The more you think about the unconscious pattern of emotions, the sooner you get rid of unwanted pain. Yes, it is really a scheme that you can see in the following picture:

When you are sick, you feel pain and concern. In fact, your body requires you to observe it and let find its peace with you and the environment. It is a process of learning, growing and you should not judge or be afraid.

Emotional Intelligence: Captured In Emotional Turmoil Of Human Society.

The Power Inside You

The verbal expressions of anger, hatred, and jealousy, you exhale condensed molecules containing a toxin, which is scientifically proven. Such accumulation of toxins can kill 80 laboratory guinea pigs in just one hour.

Did you get a real picture of how negative emotions cause damage to your body?

You should always keep in mind that the power is inside you. You can simply regulate all emotions that life throws at you. Instead of seeing negative or positive things in every experience, try to see from a higher perspective. At that moment, ask yourself how you can help yourself and learn something from the situation. Take the time to change the perception or accept what you cannot change.

5 Easy Ways to Free Spirit, Body and Mind

Rather than a quick reaction, observe the situation slowly and find the right tool for editing your emotions and pain that is closely associated with them. Explore how you came to those emotions.

For example, if you think that you are sick and you will feel pain, you make the mind unconsciously seek to do the imagined. So keep in mind that your body will attract everything that you thinking about.

Positive mind – positive thoughts and negative mind – negative thoughts. Be the master of your mind!

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