How to Build a Simple Water Purifier That Turns Dirty Water and Even Salt Water into Clean Fresh Pure Water

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You have to admit that this guy has come up with super inventive, yet simple design. He gives step-by-step instructions of the process of building water purifier so that you can make it yourself.

He explains everything in the video below. He uses 12 feet of copper tubing and several fittings. The video shows the stainless steel tube option as well.

If you don’t have a torch in your tool kit, use some “push on” fittings that are easily available in any hardware store. In this way you won’t have to solder.

If you do solder however, make sure you use lead-free solder.

Solder in U.S. used before 1986 contained too high levels of lead, so if your house was built before this period, there are great chances your tap water is contaminated with the neurotoxin lead.

This probably happened due to leaching lead from the solder material on your water pipes – one more reason to filter your water.

Check out the video below to learn how to make this ingenious device:

Via Real Farmacy

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