How to Do 3-Day Complete Body Sugar Detox, Lose Weight and Improve Your Health

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When people notice that they have gained a few extra pounds to their weight, they usually blame the fats and carbs. But, the truth is that these are only some of the factors that contribute to this situation. It turns out that sugar is another important factor that leads to weight gain.

In case you are taking sugar moderately, you are probably not making the situation worse. However, there are some individuals who are consuming large amounts of sugar without being aware of it. For instance, sugar can be found in many different drinks and foods including cereals, soft drinks, juices, yogurts, salad dressings, and sweets.

Sugar is one of the main ingredients in natural foods like raisins, organic honey, fruit juice, bananas for example.

Whenever our body is exposed to sugar overdose, people witness specific symptoms. Some of these symptoms include depression, hyperactivity and fatigue, yeast infections, sinus issues, colds, headaches, mental confusion, and sleep problems.

There are some other issues that sugar contributes to like higher chances of developing diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc.

The link between weight gain and sugar intake

In case we consume large quantities of sugar, our body tries to use these amounts to the maximum and create energy. However, the amount that is not used is stored in the body in the form of fat.

Natural sugar is different than added sugar. The latter option is more harmful because it reaches the intestines and the body identifies it as bacteria and boosts blood sugar levels. As a final result, the sugar is turned into fat that can be easily seen on our thighs, hips, and waist.

Avoid Sugar

Even though some people think that it is not possible to stay away from sugar, this is not true. In case you try to start this process, you will notice some typical withdrawal symptoms like headaches, irritability, cravings, and fatigue.

These well-known sugar cravings usually appear when the meal you just had is digested and the body emits wrong signals that it needs food again. That’s why at this time people are looking for sweets and candies.

However, you must be strong and resist this temptation. You don’t have to cut added sugar from your diet completely. Take small steps because if you do this at once you will end up eating even more sugar. The best option is to eliminate one product with added sugar in the beginning.

In the beginning, you won’t feel good and you will have intense cravings. However, after some period you will actually feel more energetic and you will boost your overall health.

How to Perform The Three-Day Full Body Sugar Detoxification, Lose Weight and Boost Your health

In this article, we will highlight a detailed 3-day diet plan that will help you drop unwanted pounds and stay healthy.

Day 1:

Breakfast – one cup of oats mixed with some berries and seeds or almonds. You can also use three eggs (boiled or scrambled) instead.

Snack – One bowl of mixed nuts.

Lunch – Chicken breast enriched with cooked turnips, parsnips, beets, carrots, squash, almonds, and beans.

Dinner – A bowl of green beans and broiled fish. You can eat salmon combined with fried mushrooms and broccoli instead.

Day 2:

Breakfast – One cup of oats boosted with berries and almonds or seeds. You can eat three scrambled eggs with added spinach instead.

Snack – One bowl of nuts will be enough.

Lunch – A green/red cabbage salad mixed with carrots (shredded) dressed in lemon, olive oil, and salt and garnished with some chopped parsley. You can eat grilled zucchini with yellow and red peppers and some vinegar, thyme, and lemon dressing instead.

Dinner – Green veggies (steamed) with a veggie casserole and bean soup. You can eat baked cod combined with bok choy (fried) and some turnips and Brussels sprouts (roasted) instead.

Day 3

Breakfast – A cup of oats mixed with almonds and berries or seeds. You can also eat an omelet made of three eggs together with shrimp and some sautéed radish, kale, and walnut salad.

Snack – One bowl of nuts will be enough.

Lunch – Roasted chicken thighs mixed and some rosemary, sage, and lemon. You can eat roasted chicken with black olives, onion, and thyme instead.

Dinner – Any mushrooms together with some carrots, garlic broth, onion, thyme, bay leaves, and celery. You can eat penne pasta and brown rice with any mushroom, tomato, and basil sauce.

Sugar Detoxification Drinks

Stay away from soft drinks and consume these detoxification beverages and teas. In this way, you will speed up your metabolism.

Detoxification water – Take an orange, grapefruit, blueberries, or strawberries and chop them. Put some mint or rosemary and add the solution in a clean jar filled with water. Use the fridge to store it and drink it on a daily basis.Tea – Drink green tea or herbal tea without sugar or any sweeteners three times a day every day.Coffee – You should avoid the consumption of more than one cup of pure black coffee (without sugar or sweeteners) a day.

report this adWith the help of this proven diet plan, you will be able to control sugar cravings. Feel free to try it as soon as possible.

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