How to Get Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat Naturally and Reduce Cholesterol Levels in 1 Month

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Do you have excess pounds that you want to get rid of? Or maybe high cholesterol levels that are causing you problems? Well, you can now stop wondering how to get rid of stubborn belly fat naturally and reduce your high cholesterol without having to start rigorous exercise programs or eliminate plenty of food items from your diet.

Here, you’ll find a simple remedy that’ll help you achieve all this by purifying your blood, improving your organs’ function, and boosting your immune system.

This 2-ingredient drink will speed up your metabolism, thus supporting the weight loss process. What’s more, it’ll help flush out all harmful waste and deposits from your body.

How to Get Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat Naturally and Lower Cholesterol

Here’s how to prepare this simple, yet extremely effective remedy for cholesterol and weight loss:


12 peeled, garlic cloves½ l of red wine


Chop the cloves and put the pieces in a jar. Next, pour the red wine over the garlic and close it with a lid. Keep the jar near a window in direct sunlight for two weeks. Don’t forget to shake the jar every day. Then, after two weeks, transfer the liquid into a dark glass bottle.

How to Consume:

Drink one tablespoon of this mixture three times daily for 30 days. Then, make a six-month pause and repeat if needed.

Other Health Benefits of This Remedy

This garlic-wine combo is packed with potent anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antibacterial, and anticancer properties. Besides reducing your weight and cholesterol, it’ll also do the following things:

Boost metabolismTreat inflammatory diseasesRemove toxins from your bodyFlush out excess salt from your bodyBoost energyPurify your bloodSupport the health of the heart and blood vesselsBurn your fatImproves stamina

The resveratrol found in red wine prevents the formation of blood clots, heart failure, and heart attack thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Furthermore, this substance prevents cancer cells from growing and spreading. Also, it helps kill cancer cells, without touching the healthy ones.

We hope this remedy answers your question of how to get rid of stubborn belly fat naturally and bring your cholesterol levels back to balance.

Source Medical News Today | Medical News Today
Image Source Healthline

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