How to Get Rid of The Pain in The Heel

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Unfortunately, there are many people (especially older people) who are dealing with a very unpleasant problem known as plantar fasciitis. This health condition, which is also known as jogger’s heel, usually leads to sharp and chronic pain in the heels. But, what exactly is a jogger’s heel?

Plantar fasciitis is damage in the structure of heel bone that makes the structure goes lower. Scientists believe that this is a natural reaction of the bone which is exposed to mechanical load and because of the irritation that comes as a result of walking with this load.

As we have already mentioned, jogger’s heel is very frequent in the elderly and individuals that spent most of their time on their feet. The main characteristic is intense pain located in the center of the heel which limits the movement of the heel.

The pain is more intense when people wake up or after they start walking after prolonged sitting. The symptoms can be felt in the heel and also in the inner surface of the heel.

In some cases, this pain is so intense that people describe it as a feeling that is probably similar to crushing the heel with a hammer.

There are many different creams found in pharmacies specially designed for plantar fasciitis, but most people agree that traditional medicine provides better results.

That’s why we have created a list of a few methods that have helped hundreds of people. They work in different ways, so choose the one that suits you the best.

Plantar Fasciitis Hacks

1. Press the heel on the floor gradually and gently, a few times throughout the day. In this way, you will improve blood flow and accelerate calcium metabolism and stop the buildup of salt. This is definitely a very simple natural method.

2. When you experience severe pain due to jogger’s heel, you should try coatings of potatoes. Take the potatoes, wash them and grate them with the peel. Place this mixture on gauze and apply it on the affected area. Use a nylon bag to wrap the area and put on a pair of clean socks. These coatings should be replaced every day. The symptoms should be gone after one week.

3. Coatings based on salt and honey. Take the salt and honey and mix them well. Use the same amount. Apply this mixture on the painful area. Cover the area with gauze; use plaster and a nylon bag to wrap the remedy. Put on a pair of clean socks and leave this remedy overnight. Use this treatment on a daily basis for at least three days. This is when you should feel relief. The pain is usually gone after ten days.

Finally, there is another relatively new recipe for heel pain that has proven to be helpful for many people.

4. A medicinal tincture based on aspirin. Take ten tablets of aspirin or about 200 mg and grind them until you get a fine powder. Pour about 250 ml of rubbing alcohol over the powder. Leave the mixture for two days. Shake this tincture and soak a small amount of gauze before bedtime.

Place the coating directly on the heel and use a nylon bag and socks to wrap it. Sleep with the coating on your heel. When you wake up, use lukewarm water to wash the tincture, dry your feet and use some greasy cream.

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Once you finish the tenth treatment, your heels and feet should be free of deposits and dead skin cells. It would be nice if you use a pumice stone on the feet before you use the cream.

In case you are dealing with blisters, cracks, bunions and/or solid deposits on the heels and feet, feel free to use this treatment. You will be surprised by the effects of this simple recipe. Many people believe that thanks to this simple tincture, people can treat the areas where the pain is located (usually the areas with varicose veins). Once you rub them well, the pain will go away instantly.

In addition, you can rub this tincture on areas affected by osteochondrosis too. This is where salt deposits usually appear.

Stay healthy and live well!

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