How To Grow Your Own Lemon Tree from Seed

How To Grow Your Own Lemon Tree from Seed
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Growing a lemon tree is possible regardless of the place where you are living because even if you are living in the north, where there are long cold winters, you can always place a lemon tree inside your home or garage.

Besides the health benefits that their fruit brings, lemon trees look beautiful – they have interesting dark-green leaves and white blooms. In addition, they also produce refreshing and nice scent.

Grow Your Own Lemon Tree

In case you want to grow your own lemon tree, you will need to get the following:

An organic lemon because non-organic ones usually have a high percentage of seeds that aren’t germinating.A 6 inches deep and 6 inches wide plating pot.A 12 inches deep and 24 inches wide seedling pot.Potting soil with high fertility rate. Soil that contains vermiculite, peat, perlite and natural fertilizers is a good example of soil like that.An indoor location that is exposed to the sun and a grow lamp is possible.

Now let’s take a closer look at the procedure of growing a lemon tree:

Make sure that the potting soil is moistened enough. Make it damp, but not soaked.Use this soil in the smaller pot and leave about one inch below the rim free.Cut the organic lemon and remove its seed. Get rid of the pulp from the surface. The easiest method is to suck on it until it is completely clean.Plant the seed as soon as possible. Keep in mind that the seed should be moist when you are planting it in the soil. Plant it in the center of the pot about ½ inches under the surface.Use a sprayer to spray the soil above the seed with water. Do this carefully because you only need to moisten the area.Use a plastic wrap to cover the pot and carefully seal the edges by using a rubber band. Use a pencil to create small holes in the soil.Take the pot on the location you have chosen before (warm, exposed to the sun)Use the sprayer to keep the soil moistened. Don’t create puddles. Simply use the sprayer if you notice that the soil may dry out.After 15 days, the sprout should appear. This is when you have to remove the plastic covering. In case you can’t find a location that is sunny enough you can always use a special grow light that can replace natural light.Keep the soil damp whenever you can. You should also make sure that the lemon tree is exposed to sun light at least 8 hours a day. Use smaller doses of organic fertilizer once in a while.Make sure that your plant is safe from diseases or bugs. Eliminate dead leaves if necessary. Use pesticides only when there is no other option.Once the lemon tree grows enough, put it in the larger pot. The procedure for replanting is more or less the same as the one used for the first planting. In general, younger plants require more water, but they all require proper watering. Don’t forget to check your plant and supply it with everything it needs once it grows. It will still need your help.

After a while, your own work will bring you the results – you will have your own lemon tree. Of course, you can always buy lemons form a grocery store, but the entire experience that you will get during this process is priceless.

In addition, you will get organic and fresh lemons, you will get the pleasant fragrance in your home and a beautiful decoration too.

Here you can find many interesting and useful articles about lemons here.

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