How To Make Homemade Toilet Air Freshener

How To Make Homemade Toilet Air Freshener
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Wouldn’t it be nice if our bathrooms could smell good for several days without using Molekule Science or similar products all the time? Unfortunately, in most cases, bathrooms don’t smell nice and people spend a lot of time trying to get rid of the smell.

The good news is that there is a simple solution for this problem. Once you try this technique, you will be glad to go to the bathroom even if someone has used it not long ago.
What we will share with our readers is an excellent, completely natural air freshener that can be used in the bathroom and the toilet. Many people agree that this Homemade Toilet Air Freshener is much more effective than commercial ones. This solution doesn’t come with any chemicals, it is simple to make and it is inexpensive too.

Homemade Toilet Air Freshener

The best part is that the pleasant scent will last for a long period of time, much longer compared to commercial air fresheners.

In order to prepare this product, you need two things – one roll of toilet paper and one or several essential oils.

Drop a small amount (4-5 drops) of the essential oil you prefer into the tube located in the middle of the toilet paper roll on the inner side.

After that, put the paper roll back on the holder.

In this way you will get the pleasant fragrance all the time and your bathroom will be fresh, clean and have a pleasant smell.

You can use different oils from time to time or use a combination of few essential oils.

Via HW 60 | DIY Natural

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