How to Make Organic Pesticides to Replace the Highly Toxic Roundup

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Pesticides are the only toxic chemicals people intentionally release in nature with the purpose to kill living beings. However, besides killing pests, these products can also harm people. In this post, you’ll learn how to make organic pesticides that will replace the commercial toxic ones like Roundup.

The organic food you can find in any supermarket isn’t necessarily entirely free from chemicals or pesticides. As a matter of fact, a lot of organic farmers are using various chemical sprays on their crops, and they are allowed to do so.

If you are interested in your own organic gardening, there are few organic pesticides you can use that not only are effective at warding off pesky insects and weeds but are also safe for humans.

Organic vs. Non Organic Pesticides

First, let’s explain what is organic here. It means the use of pesticides produced from natural sources. They might be lightly processed before usage as well. On the other hand, the conventional agriculture uses pesticides which are synthetically manufactured.

Also, most organic farmers use biological controls and insect traps to help prevent insects eating the crops.

What’s more, organic farmers can’t use the pesticide application equipment which has been used for applying synthetic chemicals for three or more years. The NCFAP explains that sulfur and copper were the top two organic fungicides.

Therefore, you have to know your farmer to make sure he uses the right equipment and proper organic pesticides. Ask the farmers at your local farmers’ market and learn their methods to know what you’re eating.

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How to Make Organic Pesticides for Your Garden

Some plants can produce natural fungicides, bactericides, and insecticides. Also, a lot of household products can ward off gardening pests as well as hostile weeds.

Insecticide Recommended by the USDA

What You Need:

1 of natural liquid dishwashing detergent,Spray bottle,1-quart tap water,1 cup of olive oil.


Pour the liquid detergent and olive oil into the spray bottle, and shake well. Next, add the water and once again shake. Spray the solution to fend off spider mites, aphids, whiteflies, etc. You can use it at ten-day intervals.

Liquid Detergent-Alcohol Spray

What You Need:

1 cup of rubbing alcohol,1 of liquid dishwashing detergent,Spray bottle,1/4 water.


In the spray bottle, mix the detergent, rubbing alcohol and water.

Pour the rubbing alcohol, water, and liquid detergent into the spray bottle. First, spray it on few leaves to check if it irritates your plants.

Weed Killer

What You Need:

White vinegar,1 of liquid dishwashing detergent,Spray bottle.


Fill your spray bottle with vinegar and add the detergent. Then, use it directly on weeds and other plants you want to stop growing.

Make organic pesticides and use them to grow your own veggies or learn about the methods used by your local farmers to make sure you consume organically-grown produce. Furthermore, try to avoid the commercial toxic pesticides like Roundup herbicide to prevent possible health risks.

Source Consumer Notice | Mother Earth News
Image Source Wiki How

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