How to Make Papaya Leaf Juice to Get Rid of Dengue Fever in 48 Hours

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The very notion of dengue fever probably makes the people shiver from fear since it is a really terrifying experience. It is a painful viral ailment, spread by a specific type of mosquito, which causes pains in all the regions of the body. Even it could be fatal if not treated on time.

However, there is no need to worry because you are going to read how to use papaya leaf in order to prepare the most effective treatment for this issue. The juice from papaya leaf is a potent treatment of dengue fever. You can easily remove all the conditions simply by consuming the papaya leaf juice.

Why this kind of juice is so potent?

This type of question is a really important one and must be answered. In that way you will consider the effectiveness of this juice. The papaya leaves are rich in powerful enzymes, including chymopapain and papain which increase the number of platelet in a significant way. Also, they are loaded with carbohydrates, phosphorus, calcium, protein, iron and vitamins.

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Papaya Leaf Juice

What to use for this juice?

Make sure to use raw leaf of papaya because it only will work as a remedy for dengue fever. You will need two raw leaves of papaya.

How to Prepare the Papaya Leaf Juice?

First, take away the stems of papaya’s leaves and their fibrous portions. Second, squeeze out the juice from the leaves. Pour the juice in a glass and it is ready for consummation. You can consume this juice two times a day for optimum results.

Papaya leaf paste

Along with the juice, papaya leaf paste is an effective treatment of dengue fever.

What to use for this kind of paste?

You will need three fresh raw leaves of papaya and two tablespoons of fresh juice depending on your taste.

How to prepare?

Take three raw leaves of papaya and process them until you get a smooth, homogenous paste. Add two tablespoons of fruit juice that you chose. Mix the combination well.

Studies in Humans

The success of papaya leaf extract is shown in certain studies where the major number of patients experienced increase in the platelets level.

What makes this treatment so popular and convincing is the experience of people. This following text  provides two actual experiences of people, narrated by a doctor from India.

One case included a son of a gentleman who was hospitalized due to dengue fever, with an alarming decline in the number of blood platelets. The transfusions of blood did not have any help and the condition was getting even worse.

At last, the boy was given papaya leaf juice and within 24 hours the number of platelets rose from 15,000 to 135,000. It was an amazing moment for the whole medical personnel and the boy was finally allowed to return home.

Another case included a lady in her thirties, who was hospitalized after 3 days of pain and temperature. The platelets were to 28,000 and even her lungs started to fill with water. The doctor claimed that it was her immune system that had to fight the fever until she was given the juice by a relative.

After no more than 24hours, the number of platelets increased drastically and the fever was gone. She drank the juice for three days until her condition was completely cured.

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