How To Make Penicillin at Home. Seriously.

How To Make Penicillin at Home. Seriously.
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The following article contains information that is very useful for any individual. This information will teach you how to make penicillin at home. However, there is one category of people who will find it especially helpful – people who live in poverty and people who have restricted access to resources. Standard bread and oranges are one of the most common foods found in almost every kitchen today.

But, are you aware of the fact that bread and oranges have the ability to create penicillin just by leaving them on the countertop for a short period of time? Although some people may find this odd, the green, unattractive mold that grows on the bread is known as Penicillium.

How To Make Your Own Penicillin

Now let’s analyze one (unlikely) scenario. Imagine that you are living in a world where zombies have plagued our planet. In an effort to escape a horde of zombies, your friend or partner has cut their leg very deeply. You finally find cover and have time to analyze the situation. In the next few days, you notice a severe infection in the area around the wound.

Don’t forget that in the world that we live today, infections can lead to some serious health issues, loss of a leg or arm or even fatalities if they are not healed properly. However, if you don’t have any of the conventional medical items you probably won’t know how to save your partner. That’s why we will present one natural, inexpensive and simple way for protection in situations like this.

Take the bread and put it in a container or bag.Leave it like that for a while. Wait until you notice spores on it.Take the bread and slice or simply crush it into small pieces.Add a small amount of moisture and put the crushed pieces back together in the container or bag you’ve used before. Once again, seal it well.Observe the spread of mold and don’t open the bag/container until most of the mold starts to become green.

When the mold starts to spread and grow, it will turn white, blue and green. We are focused on the green mold because the green mold is packed with penicillin. The green zones on the bread are the zones where the mold is biggest. So, once you have that green mold, you can start using for a natural treatment. There is more than one good way to use it.

First of all, you can use the bread clumps. Take one large cup and fill it with bread clumps. Pour them with warm water. Mix these ingredients well and eat the mixture. Perform this procedure on a daily basis until you notice an improvement.

It is crucial to remember that the process of growing mold brings other compounds too and not all of these compounds and structures are useful. So, when you eat this bread you will get penicillin and some of these potentially bad ingredients. On top of that, the taste of this mixture is very bad.

Are there more advantages than disadvantages? If we get back to the scenario we’ve described, we can all agree that it is better to have bad stomach and diarrhea instead of an infected leg. It is also good to mention that people in different parts of the world have used this natural remedy for centuries and there are many traditional remedies in the United States that include such bread.

The second way in which you can use this remedy is even more interesting. Go slowly and gently remove the green mold from your bread. Carefully clean the wound and place the mold on the affected area. Don’t put too much clothes on you because the remedy needs good blood flow. Perform this procedure on a daily basis.

What is interesting about this remedy is a story that goes back to Ancient Egypt. In the time of Impoteh, who was a chancellor of the pharaoh, physicians used honey to cover the wounds. One may ask why did they rely on honey and the answer will amaze you. Honey doesn’t allow bacteria to spread and develop.

In case the wound is clean and fresh and without infection, you should use honey topically on the affected area to prevent the activity of bacteria that lead to infections. Many of you don’t know that bandages with honey are still applied in emergency rooms. When we talk about home remedies, just spread honey all over the affected area and use a clean piece of cloth to wrap the area.

Of course, there are many more sophisticated procedures that can help people make penicillin. So, if you have free time and you have the resources you will be able to create effective penicillin from the substances we’ve mentioned. Since penicillin is available almost everywhere and it is not expensive, making this remedy may not be useful.

However, in cases of a zombie apocalypse and other similar unfortunate events, this remedy can help you save lives.

Keep in mind that the information found in this article is not approved or supported by the Food and Drug Administration agency.

Via Primal Survivor

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