How to Remove Negative Energy from Your Home

How to Remove Negative Energy from Your Home
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Everyone should feel safe and secure in their own home. But if your home is loaded with negative energy, it will surely affect your emotions and health as well.

Although the energy can’t be seen with the naked eye, we can definitely feel it, as it often represents our inner emotional well-being.

Negative energy in your home can destroy your confidence, demean your value, dampen your abilities, and diminish your imagination. It can even cause conflicts and disturbances among family members. Such living conditions can cause stress and anxiety.

Positive and negative energy has always been present around us, but the goal is to limit the negative energy so that you can leave a calmer and happier life.

We made a list of 10 effective ways to remove negative energy and restore harmony and balance in your home.

1. Clean Your Home

The dirt and clutter attract negative energy, which is why entering a clutter-free and clean room makes us feel good, as opposed to a cluttered, dirty, and messy room.

Whenever you clean your home or workplace, you are automatically eliminating the present negative energy. Therefore, cleaning should be on your priority list to make your space a more positive place.

Vacuum and clean every room, including your kitchen and bathroom, on a regular basisDon’t forget to clean the dirt and dust from your windows, doors, and doorknobsBefore going to bed, make sure you don’t have dirty dishes in your kitchenAlways keep your things in their designated areaThrow out the things you don’t need, as well as any toxic productsUse a laundry hamper to keep your laundry, instead of putting it everywhere

2. Smudging

This method of removing negative energy has been used ever since the Native American people. Use sage, as it releases high amounts of negative ions in the air when burned, which neutralizes the air’s positive charge. Moreover, negative ions improve the feeling of mental clarity and well-being, and their aroma is soothing and relaxing.

You can either use store-bought sage sticks or your own homemade sage bundle. Dry sage sprigs on the sun and bind them together tightly using twine or string.

First, clean your home and open all of your windows, doors, drawers, and cupboardsPlace a rolled stick of sage in a fireproof container and light it to catch embers and ashCarefully fan the sage either with your hand or with a featherFan the smoke towards your body from the feet to your head to cleanse yourselfWhile walking slowly on the left side of all of your rooms, swirl it in circular movements, and focus on the corners, walls, ceiling, and floor.During this process, keep saying positive thoughtsAfter going through all of the rooms, the burning sage in an open area outside your home to burn offBesides sage, you can use pine, lavender, cedar, and other sweet-smelling plants and herbs for smudging

3. Rearrange Your Furniture

It is important to change your room décor over a certain period, as the negative energy “hangs” on certain objects and remains around. Therefore, a simple rearranging of your furniture will break the bad energy.

Try to make small changes in the position of your furniture at least once a month. During this process, give importance to your comfort and open space.Keep rearranging until you find the right arrangement that gives you a good feeling.Furthermore, throw out or donate broken home décor items or some that you don’t use.

4. Fresh Air and Sunlight

Nature possesses strong positive energy so sunshine and fresh air will cleanse your room of bad energy. Therefore, allow plenty of fresh air and a little sunshine to enter your home to improve the energy in your home.

Open your doors and windows in the early morning to let out the negative energy and welcome the sunlight and fresh airStand near an open window in the morning to catch early sunlight, which is able to relieve anxiety and lower depressionDry your washed laundry in the sunlightFrom time to time, expose your plants to sunlight

5. Sea Salt

It is considered that sea salt can create positive energy by generating negative ions in the air.

Dissolve several tablespoons of sea salt in a cup of warm water. Spray the prepared solution in all corners of your house, using a spray bottleFocus especially on the corners which face the southwest and northeast directions, and sprinkle them with sea salt. If possible, let the salt stay overnight before vacuuming it. Throw the salt particles outside your house.You can cleanse your body with a warm bathtub and a cup of sea salt. Stay in the relaxing bathtub for about 15 minutes.

6. Clap with Your Hands Loudly

Loud clapping produces vibrations and sounds which can break the negative energy patterns and disperse them, like any other loud sound produced by nature. Such is the sound from thunderstorms, and fireworks, but also from church bells.

Clap around your home lightly, and focus on the shelves, corners, and under the stairs. Avoid sluggish and heavy clapping because it supports negative energy. Besides clapping, you can use chimes, bells, Tibetan bowls, or drums.

7. Essential Oils

Essential oils possess a strong aroma that can disperse bad energy, but also refresh your home and promote positive energy in your house and life. Moreover, most essential oils have antiviral and antibacterial properties so they will make your home a healthier place.

For this purpose, use essential oils from sweet orange, lemon, sage, lavender, rose, or peppermint.Add 15 to 30 drops of your favorite essential oil to a spray bottle with spring or tap water.Spray the prepared solution in your rooms, and office, and pay special attention to the doors, windows, and corners. Do this on a weekly basis, or whenever you feel down.

8. Living Plants

There are plenty of beautiful plants and herbs which can successfully deflect the bad energy and connect you with nature. Moreover, living plants will add greenness and beauty to your home décor, while providing your home with an abundance of oxygen.

Some of these plants are aloe vera, lucky bamboo, sage, money plant, orchid, holy basil, jasmine, rosemary, and peace lily.If your plant dries or dies, remove it from your home, but always try to find enough time for them.

9. Crystals

Some crystals can repel and break the negative vibes away from your house by releasing higher vibrations. They can even fight negative thoughts and emotions gathered from those around us.

One of the best crystals for this purpose is the black tourmaline. Place it near your home entry to ward off any potential bad energy coming into your home, or in the center of your homeMore crystals good at fighting negative energy from your home are smoky quartz, rose quartz, jet, hematite, amethyst, black onyx, apache tear, and black obsidianDon’t forget to clean your crystals once a week, by putting them in a container with filtered water and allowing them to dry in the sun for a minimum of 4 hours.

10. Saffron

You can also use this spice to cleanse your home from bad vibes. The Tibetan tradition says that the strong smell of this spice isn’t preferred by the evil spirits, thus eliminating the bad energy.

To remove the negativity from your home, infuse the fresh aroma of the spice, and as the sun sets sprinkle some saffron at your home entrance, as this time is considered the union of day and night. Moreover, you can sprinkle a mixture prepared of water and little saffron in all of your rooms.

Via Top 10 Home Remedies | Housing

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