How to Save a Person from Stroke Using Only a Needle

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This old Chinese method is unusually simple, yet it can save a person’s life during a stroke. You only need a needle for this, and of course a quick reaction.

Take time to read this advice. Who knows, you might save someone’s life.

The brain capillaries gradually stretch during a stroke. The victim needs rest and an ambulance.

It’s important to stay calm. Do not move the victim regardless of the place s/he is, to prevent bursting of the capillaries and bleeding in the brain. Look for a syringe needle, or if you don’t have one, a simple sewing needle should do the work.

Sterilize the needle over a flame, using a lighter or a candle, and prick the tops of all ten fingers only a few millimeters from the nail. Make sure there’s some blood flowing from each finger, even if that means squeezing them a little. Expect the victim to be back to life only several minutes after the fingers start to bleed.

Massage the victim’s ears if his/her mouth is distorted until they become red. In this way, the blood will reach this area. Then, prick the needle in the soft part of each ear, to fall few drops of blood. After only several minutes, the victim’s mouth should no longer be distorted.

Namely, this Chinese method of saving someone’s life from stroke is 100 percent effective. So, if you happen to be present at such moment, don’t hesitate to use it, and you might save a human’s life.

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