How To Save Your Baby From Choking in 3 Minutes (VIDEO)

How To Save Your Baby From Choking in 3 Minutes (VIDEO)
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If there is one situation in the lives of parents that can be described as horror that’s a situation in which their kid is choking and they simply don’t know what to do in this dangerous moment.

It is not unusual for babies to take items placed next to them and put them in their mouth. Walnuts, seeds, peanuts or even coins and buttons – these are some of the things that frequently end up in babies’ mouths.These seemingly harmless items can turn into very dangerous items for the baby because they usually trigger choking. So, what can people do in case they notice something like this?

Save Your Baby From Choking

Follow this simple step-by-step guide to prevent or save your baby from choking.

Step #1 – Evaluate the Situation

In case the baby starts making some weird sounds like wheezing or it starts experiencing lack of breath or coughs when he tries to open the mouth, it is very likely that the baby has put a foreign item in the mouth.In case the baby stays with his mouth wide open and his face urns purple or red, this means that it cannot breathe due to an object stuck in the mouth/throat and you should intervene right away to help him.In case the baby is crying and coughing intensively at the same time, it is very likely that he will cough out the foreign object, but is the coughing is mild and at the same time it looks like he is choking, he will need your assistance.

Step #2 – Removal of the Foreign Object from the Airways

Tapping on the back.

Sit down, put the forearm on the thigh and keep the palm up.Put the baby’s torso on the forearm and let the stomach lean on your arm and use your hand to hold the jaw. Remember that the head of your baby should be slightly lower than his body.Tap the baby on his back for five times and don’t hesitate to use more force.

In case this doesn’t work, use ab pressure. If you want to do this, you must keep the baby in the lap and hold his head with your hand.

The head of your baby must be lower than his bodyPut 2 fingers (from your free hand) on the middle of his chest just under the nipples.Add pressure 4 cm in depth and perform this movement 5 times.Repeat this for five times and the airways should be cleared.

Step #3 – In Case Nothing Else Provides Results, Practice CPR (Artificial Respiration)

Just watch this video to find out how to give proper CPR on a baby.
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