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How To Treat Droopy Eyelids Naturally. The Results Are Amazing!

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Individuals with eyelids that have tendency to sag and droop are well-aware of the fact that this is a very annoying and frustrating situation. It is much more difficult to apply eye makeup on loose skin and when there is no eye makeup present the skin looks older, worn out and unattractive.In the vast majority of cases, this is a completely natural occurrence related to the aging process. However, there are cases when droopy eyelids are caused by injury, disease or nerve damage.

Besides the costly and potentially dangerous plastic surgery, people think that there is no other way to treat sagging eyelids. However, many of them will be glad that one simple and cheap home remedy can help them right away. The only thing you’ll need for this remedy is one egg.

Eggs are known as nutritious food and they are consumed all over the world. However, only a small number of people know that they can be used as beauty products too. The truth is that people have used the white ovals for beauty purposes for centuries.

Some people mix eggs in different types of masks and treatments designed for the face in order to hydrate the hair and skin, keep themselves safe from acne, eliminating blemishes, removing blackheads and making the skin around the eyes tighter. Just follow this procedure and enjoy the effects:

1. First of all, clean the face carefully and eliminate any traces of makeup. Pat the face dry.

2. Next, open one egg and separate the yolk.

In order to quickly and simply separate the yolk, just crack the egg on a plate. Use an empty water bottle (without the cap) and squeeze some air out and use the bottle to vacuum the yolk.

3. Take a cotton swab and use it to apply the white directly on the eyelids. Use a lot of egg white, but don’t make it drip. In addition, make sure that none of it enters your eyes.

4. Keep the eyes shut and stay like that until you notice that the egg whites have dried.

5. Use lukewarm water to wash the face and pat it dry.

You will notice the results right away and these positive effects will last for at least two days. Feel free to practice this procedure on a daily basis. As we already said, the procedure is natural and safe.

Via Healthy Living Style

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