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I Used to Throw Away the Watermelon Rind Until My Husband Told Me Something I Never Knew!

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The first thing that comes to your mind when speaking about watermelon is probably the cool and refreshing taste of its pinkish-red flesh. It’s practically the summer’s most refreshing fruit so we all love to make that cool watermelon juice and drink it in an instant. Besides being refreshing and tasty, watermelon is also very healthy, being packed with numerous vitamins and minerals.

However, did you know that the watermelon rind is also beneficial to your health?

That’s right. We talk about the white, hard, and bland part of the watermelon. Apparently, the rind is healthier than the watermelon flesh itself. It is rich in potassium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin A, B6, and C, which boost your energy and overall health.

Watermelon rind also contains the antioxidant lycopene. These are just some of the important nutrients located in this part of the watermelon, and as some say, the rind contains up to 95% of the complete nutritional value of watermelon.

In some parts of the world, people toss it in salads, and we’re sure you also won’t throw it away once you learn its health benefits.

Watermelon Rind Benefits

Watermelon rind contains the amino acid citrulline which keeps our muscles healthy. It helps gain muscle mass without adding fat and putting too much effort and stimulates weight loss. This amino acid also boosts a man’s libido.

Furthermore, citrulline calms the nerves and reduces anxiety. It acts as a mild diuretic so it helps get rid of water retention. Consuming watermelon peel can significantly improve your immune system.

Now that you know the tasteless watermelon rind is healthy, the question is how to eat it?

One way to add it to your diet is to toss it in salads as chunks or combine it with some turkey breast and tuna. You can also prepare a watermelon rind infused water, or juice it in a blender.

So, the next time you eat a watermelon, don’t forget the rind.

Via 99 Easy Recipes

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