If You Have A Tiny Hole Next To Your Ear, THIS Is What It Means

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We might share similar DNA and genes, but we still differ from one another. What makes us unique is certain traits like a birthmark, skin tag, mole, longer or shorter toes, etc. Although rare, one of these traits can be a small hole located on the top front of one’s ear(s).

This strange tiny hole is called an ear pit, or a preauricular sinus.

Fascinating Scientific Theories about Ear Pits

To check if you have an ear pit, see the part where your face joints the upper ear cartilage. If you see a small hole on the outside rim of your ear, that would be an ear pit. You can have only one ear or on both.

According to studies, only 1% of all Americans have this unique trait. In the UK it’s 9%, in Asia and parts of Africa 4-10%, and in South Korea 5%. Van Heusinger was the first to document this preauricular sinus back in 1864, a trait that was diagnosed as a birth defect.

However, the evolutionary biologist Neil Shubin has a different theory about ear pits. He believes they are evolutionary remnants of mermaids or fish girls. Basically, ear pits can serve as leftover proof from the period when our ancestors might have lived underwater.

Many people with ear pit will probably ignore or forget it’s there. Even though in most cases it doesn’t cause any problem, in rare cases it can form a cyst or become infected. In such a case, you should consult a doctor. If the infection worsens, it might be needed to drain or remove your ear pit surgically.

There you go. If you’ve ever dreamed to be a mermaid, now’s your chance to see if you have been one!

See the video below to learn more about these rare ear pits:

Via David Wolfe | Business Insider | Emedicine

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