If You Have One of These Symptoms You are Being Poisoned Without Even Being Aware of it

If You Have One of These Symptoms You are Being Poisoned Without Even Being Aware of it
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There are a significant number of people who are in touch with the toxins that come from mold without even knowing it. The truth is that mold is a silent and very dangerous threat to human health because it can expand under floors, behind walls and even in the food.

In most cases, people consume these toxins through eating, breathing or touching and the final result can be some very serious health issues.

There are many people who think that mold is not dangerous, but the fact is that mold can be lethal. Physicians often can’t identify the real reason behind some health problem and in many cases it is exactly mold that causes the problems.

How can mold attack our body and what can we expect after an attack like that?

There are certain varieties of mold that produce undetectable and toxic chemicals that we call mycotoxins. This type of toxins is very resistant, but this doesn’t mean that they cannot be eliminated.

According to scientific studies, mycotoxins are present everywhere around us even in the furniture and clothing we use. Once they get inside our body they can lead to serious negative effects in the immune system, nervous system, joints and other body parts. These undetectable toxins also have impact on the emotions, process of thinking and life expectancy.

In addition to these vicious toxins, mold can produce allergens and irritants that can lead to reactions in individuals. The intensity of these reactions depends on the resistance of each person.

A recent survey has shown that 4 out of 10 Americans have genetic predisposition to experience problems with excess moisture.

What kind of signs and symptoms we can expect?

One of the biggest issues in identifying chronic mold intoxication is finding the symptoms. This condition shares the same symptoms with many other diseases like celiac disease, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue symptom, fibromyalgia etc. Mold can result in some of the following health issues:

Migraines;Fatigue;Intense joint pain;Fast changes in the weight;Sensitivity to food;Vision problems;Tingling and numbness;Sleep issues;Mood changes;Cognitive issues;Inflammations;Dizziness and memory loss;Light sensitivity;Autoimmune diseases.

People must be very careful in case their immune system is not working with its full capacity for a long period of time. Mold can lead to some complex diseases in the eyes, skin and lungs.

Where mold can grow?

According to some stats, more than half of the buildings in the United States have water damage problems. Mold thrive in moisture, so the process of their growth begins in areas that don’t have adequate air flow (ventilation) and improper water pipe system (leaks).

So, it is highly recommended to change every old water pipe in the building.

However, mold doesn’t always grow in areas with high levels of moisture. As a matter of fact, mold has the ability to grow right under the carpet and in A/C, behind paneling and other places close to water sources.

Mold grows fast in areas that are dark and have high levels of moisture.

What is even worse is that there are specific varieties of mold that can exist and even grow in dry areas. We can also find mold in some foods and drinks like nuts, grains, coffee, chocolate and wine.

So, in case you are very sensitive to mold, always check the shelf life of the products that you consume and store them in the right way.

What can we do?

It is crucial to be well informed. The good news is that there are many companies that can measure the level of moisture and give you opinion about the potential of your home or office to become home of mold. Use their services to make sure that you won’t become exposed to the negative effects of mold.


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