If You’ve Recently Done This, You May Have a Bad Vaccine Reaction

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The number of vaccinated people in America is increasing, so we are able to get more information about the COVID vaccines. Several allergic reactions have been reported, so professionals now are able to say who can or cannot safely receive the vaccine. Anyhow, new findings say that vaccine is not completely safe for people who have fillers in their bodies.

Three people with fillers in the face or lips who took part in a clinical trial for the Moderna vaccine have experienced a side-effect. So, the FDA advises people to be careful. Read on to find out more about this rare vaccine complication as well as other vaccine reactions.

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Three people who had fillers got adverse reactions

According to a report in VRBPAC (Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee), three patients who had fillers in their body experienced a rare side effect – swelling. As reported, two people had swelling in the facial area. Two weeks before the vaccination, one of the subjects had a filler injection in the area of the cheeks. The other subject received the fillers half a year before receiving the vaccination.

Furthermore, the third patient experienced swollen lips or lip angioedema just after two days of the vaccination. The reason for this was that this person had fillers in the lips.

The FDA had a meeting with VRBPAC. In the meeting, R. Zhang, a medical office explained that the participants were treated effectively. Their swelling was solved with steroids or antihistamines.

People with fillers may experience swellings after receiving other vaccines too

One of the participants who had swollen lips reported that she had experienced a resembling reaction after receiving an influenza shot. The FDA reported that other vaccines may cause this type of adverse effects too.

An indication that a vaccine is working may be the appearance of swelling as a side-effect.

The FDA explained that the swelling may appear because of the interaction between the dermal filler and the response of the immune system after receiving the vaccine.

Moreover, in a report for Health, P. Parikh, an MD, immunologist, and allergist, says that fillers are foreign bodies. After vaccination, the immune system is turned on, and areas in which foreign bodies are present are likely to have inflammation. The reaction happens because the human immune system serves to fight everything that seems unfamiliar.

Professionals say that adverse reactions should be a reason for not getting vaccinated.

Amir Karam, MD and plastic surgeon says that adverse reactions should not be a reason for people not getting vaccinated. The doctor highlights the fact that reactions as a result of fillers are easily treated by doctors.

Other professionals say that the chances of experiencing this rare side-effect are very low too. Debra Jaliman, a board-certified dermatologist and MD, reported for Health that it is an unusual side effect. However, she says that it can be treated with prednisone which is a type of steroid, and with antihistamines.

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