Incredible – Rub The Fingers for 1 Minute and See What Happen to Your Body

Incredible – Rub The Fingers for 1 Minute and See What Happen to Your Body
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This technique is simply incredible! Just rub the fingers for one minute and prepare to experience something extraordinary!


The thumb is associated with the lungs and heart and if you rub it for one minute you can eliminate short breath and palpitation.


This finger is associated with the stomach which means regular rubbing can help you with stomach issues and constipation.

Index finger

Index fingers are linked to the stomach and colon. The simple massage helps with constipation and diarrhea.

Middle finger

Rub the middle finger to eliminate insomnia and travelling ailments.

Ring Finger

Rubbing the ring finger will help you with neck pain, muscle aches and migraines and on top of that it will improve blood flow.


The palms are associated with a huge number of nerves throughout our body. Simply clap your hands for 60 seconds to boost your overall physical health.

Back of the hands

This part of the hands is linked to the abdomen and waist. Rub them for a while to improve the condition in the waist and abdomen.

People can experience fantastic improvement by rubbing these specific parts of the hands.

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