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It Only Takes 4 min a Day to Change Your Body

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Have you ever thought that you can completely transform your body in only 4 minutes?

This may sound too good to be true, but the challenge we share in this post will show visible results in less than one month. Women Daily Magazine published the popular 28-day Plank Challenge which gradually trains your body for strength and endurance.

If we’ve caught your attention, read what this challenge can do to your body in a period of 28 days.

The Plank Challenge

This challenge must be done in 4 weeks. At the very start, you hold the plank position for 20 seconds. It sounds easy, right? Then, you gradually build up your stamina by increasing the amount of time until you are planking for 4 minutes. Here’s the plan:

1st Day – 20 seconds;
2nd Day – 20 seconds;
3rd Day – 30 seconds;
4th Day – 30 seconds;
5th Day– 40 seconds;
6th Day– Rest;
7th Day– 45 seconds;
8th Day – 45 seconds;
9th Day – 60 seconds;
10th Day – 60 seconds;

11th Day – 60 seconds;
12th Day – 90 seconds;
13th Day – Rest;
14th Day – 90 seconds;
15th Day – 90 seconds;
16th Day – 120 seconds;
17th Day – 120 seconds;
18th Day – 150 seconds;
19th Day – Rest;
20th Day – 150 seconds;

21st Day – 150 seconds;
22nd Day – 180 seconds;
23rd Day – 180 seconds;
24th Day – 210 seconds;
25th Day – Rest;
26th Day – 210 seconds;
27th Day – 240 seconds;
28th Day – Until failure.

How to Properly Plank

To achieve the expected positive results, it is highly important to know the proper position for the plank. Here’s the explanation of how to properly do it:

Position your arms properly, by placing your elbows right under your shoulders to provide proper distribution of your weight. Keep your spine in a straight position. Avoid putting unnecessary pressure on your back and neck, as well as folding your spine. Don’t forget to tighten your core to get all the benefits from the plank.

Slightly spread your legs and make sure you don’t feel added pressure in the hip area during the exercise. The distance of your feet should be adjusted as needed. Take deep and slow breaths to relax your body and fully engage your core.

Why Starting the Planking Exercise?

You are probably thinking about what makes this challenge such a great workout plan. Here’s what this exercise does to your body:

1. It tones the stomach. While doing this exercise, you engage your core in order to carry out the physical demands to keep your body stabilized in the proper position. So, during the planking challenge, you use your abdominal muscles, and over time, they tighten and tone, giving you a firm stomach.

2. It improves the posture. Abdominal muscles play a crucial part in keeping a good posture. Therefore, the planking exercise can be good for your stability and balance. Over time, you will have a straight posture and achieve a greater range of movement.

3. It increases flexibility. You will improve your flexibility by working your shoulder and back muscles in the position required by the plank exercise. Your shoulder blades will stretch, ensuring an improved range of motion.

Such a simple challenge can get you great results.

Take a look at the video below which gives step-by-step instructions on how to do proper plank exercise.

Via Remedy Daily | Women Daily Magazine | Dr.Mercola

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