Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson Now Supports Mandatory Vaccination! He believes Government Medical Demands Override Medical Freedom!

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The Presidential race this year seems to get more and more bizarre every day. The latest example comes from the libertarian candidate Gary Johnson who announced that parents must obediently accept whatever viral strains or chemicals the federal government decides to inject into their children. Otherwise, they might be arrested, imprisoned, or even face a gunpoint enforcement.

In other words, this libertarian candidate has surrendered the basic idea of liberty that served as a foundation of the libertarian party.

He suddenly thinks the medical choice rights, which are part of the human rights, are no longer inalienable. Gary Johnson thinks people should be injected with certain substances even if they don’t want to. Some of these substances are known to be toxic and to cause seizures, comas, cancer, autism, paralyzation, neurological disorders, and even death.

This libertarian candidate now thinks that the medical demands of the government override the human rights, although this means violation of the AMA’s Code of Medical Ethics, and despite the facts that FDA documents have connected vaccines to autism, and that during the polio vaccination there were around 98 million people in America accidentally injected with cancer.

As he explains: “If it ends up to be a federal issue, I would come down on the side of science and I would probably require that vaccine. It’s an evolution actually just in the last few months, just in the last month or so. I was under the belief that … ‘Why require a vaccine? If I don’t want my child to have a vaccine and you want yours to, let yours have the vaccine and they’ll be immune.’ Well, it turns out that that’s not the case, and it may sound terribly uninformed on my part, but I didn’t realize that”- reported on

Medical fantasies, Herd immunity, and Sheeple Control

As it turns out, Gary Johnson supports the medical fantasy of vaccine propagandists – herd immunity. According to this concept, vaccines won’t work on individuals unless the whole population is vaccinated. In other words, if more people become immune of a certain infection, the disease will slow or stop its spreading, and those not immune to the infection will have less chances to come in contact with a person who’s infected.

This herd immunity, or so called “sheeple immunity”, counters the biological cause and effect. The child’s body doesn’t possess any magical mechanism which will determine if the bodies of other nearby children have received the vaccines, and thus decide to activate its immune system. Except for passive immunity which is acquired from the mother to the newborn baby, active immunity is individual and every developed body must invoke its immunity on its own. So the concept of “community-immunity” doesn’t exist.

The New Breed of Libertarian Fringe Advocates – Sacrificed Liberty for the Dictates of the State

Gary Johnson completely contradicts the libertarian principles according to which the individual freedom of choice is important and the government has a limited power to use coercion in order to achieve certain aims. He shares the view of several quack science libertarians according to which if the government requires injecting certain chemical, all liberty must be suspended.

Today, it seems libertarianism means submitting to Centers for Disease and Control’s junk science as well as the toxic products of the vaccine industry. The only remaining candidate who believes vaccines are dangerous is Donald Trump who discussed this topic during the presidential debates. Johnson’s concept of liberty has now changed into pharmaceutical fascism, making his new belief even more disgraceful. Comments From Former Supporters of Gary Johnson:

One person shared his/her disappointment to Johnson’s latest announcement, saying he has sold out to Big Pharma. S/he wonders why any parent would worry if another child affects their immunized child. This simply doesn’t makes sense.

Other former supporter of Johnson states that a presidential candidate should be able to discern truth from a lie, and not brainwashed by the Vaccine pharmaceutical propaganda.

Another woman compares Johnson’s favoring herd immunity with birth control pills. She says that by that concept, she could get pregnant if Johnson ‘wife forget to take the birth control pill. She explains that the effectiveness of the vaccine is completely irrelevant if the people nearby the vaccinated person have immunity or not.

Will He also Support Euthanasia of the Elderly and Compulsory Organ Harvesting?

If you think about it, supporting forced immunization is the same as supporting forced organ harvesting because it’s “for the good of everyone”. What about mandatory euthanasia of old, handicapped, infirmed and diseased people? Isn’t this bizarre belief supported by tyrants and progressives? You see, maybe Gary Johnson needs to be properly educated about eugenics’ science. Once he gets the “right” information, he will call for whatever medical intervention given by the government, although that’s against your self-interest and liberty.

All in for Big Pharma and Monsanto

Did you know that the libertarian party has a fascist fringe wing that supports Monsanto’s toxic herbicides and genetically engineered seeds in foods and mercury-laced injections of namely children’s “immunizations”? (Technically, they aren’t immunization but biological toxins which try to create a physiological reaction called “immunity”).

As it turns out, Gary Johnson has completely sold out to this libertarian fascist fringe wing. Current polls show him at about 6 percent support, but thanks to this announcement, his actual votes are suspected to drop to around 2 percent at the polls.

Via Natural News

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