Major Food Corporations Use Tissue from Aborted Babies to Manufacture Flavor Additives in Processed Foods

Major Food Corporations Use Tissue from Aborted Babies to Manufacture Flavor Additives in Processed Foods
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Whenever you buy popular processed food from big brands like Pepsi-Co, Nestle or Kraft, you are actually purchasing food that contains chemical additives and specially designed toxins, but that’s not all. Most of their products come with different flavoring compounds based on tissues from aborted babies!

This might sound shocking and unbelievable, but a California=based company called Senomyx is working with aborted embryonic cells in order to examine fake flavoring agents (sweet and savory).

After the testing is finished, these cells are added in products such as cookies, candies and carbonated drinks.

This company has confirmed that they are working together with several popular food brands and that their disgusting additives are present in foods that end up in the mouths of millions of people on a daily basis.

HEK-293 is the name used to describe an aborted human embryonic cell line produced by Senomyx and used for assessing the sense of taste in humans when they are exposed to artificial flavors found in processed food.

Because of the fact that modern processed foods are far from real food and they don’t have appealing flavor, companies like Senomyx are used for the development of artificial flavor so processed foods can mimic real foods.

What is even worse is that the companies have the right to list these ingredients as artificial flavors and in some cases as natural flavors which mean that most people are not aware of the fact that these ingredients are additives produced in a lab. As we have already said, some of these flavors are made with the help of cells from aborted babies. This is really horrifying, but it’s true and the truth must be spread.

According to Debi Vinnedge, a member of the pro-life group called Children of God for Life, the big companies are not sharing this information with the public because they know that the public won’t accept this practice. The fact is that they could’ve used insect, animal or other types of cells in order to check the reactions of taste receptors to G protein.

Beauty Products and Vaccines are Packed With Chemicals That Come From Aborted Babies Too

The use of aborted human embryonic cells is not limited to the food industry. A huge number of vaccines and beauty products are packed with these additives. claims that all beauty products including anti-aging creams from Neocutis contain cells from aborted male babies that have reached three months.

In addition, there are many vaccines like MMR II by Merck and Co. used in cases of mumps, measles and rubella and Varivax, ProQuad, Havrix by GlaxoSmithKline and Pentacel by Sanofi Pasteur have traces of aborted babies.

In order to avoid these products and show these companies that what they are doing is wrong, we must avoid products that contain cells from aborted human babies. That’s why we have created a list of beauty products, vaccines and foods like this.

Cadbury Candies – Fruit Mania, Swedish Fish, Halls Cough Drops, Sour Chillers and Certs breath mints.

Kraft products – Chiclets, Bubbaloo bubble gum, Freshen Up gum, Trident and Dentyne.

Pepsi drinks – Tazo beverages, all soft drinks from Pepsi, Aquafina water, Tropicana beverages and juices, Lipton tea, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Moutain Dew soft drinks and Gatorade drinks.

Nestle products – Magi soups, ketchups, instant noodles and bouillon cubes and all of their coffee creamers.

Neocutis products – Bio restorative skin cream, bio-gel prevedem journee.

Vaccines – Pentacel, MMR II, Imovax, Vaqta, ProQuad and Zostavax.

Via Natural News

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