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Make A Bee Waterer And Help Hydrate Our Pollinators

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Let’s think about the work and effort bees make on a daily basis. Scientists have determined that bees visit at least 2000 flowers every single day. Their small wings beat for about 10.000 times in one minute. Their basic goal is to deliver pollen which helps us with food supplies.

This certainly sounds like a hard job. During this process, bees get very thirsty and they require a safe water source to drink. The main issue is that in many cases they can’t find such source close to them.

Bees require shallow water source to consume water. But, shallow sources of water tend to evaporate fast. Some bees use birdbaths, but many of them drown in these sources of water because they are too deep. When it comes to lakes and rivers, bees that visit these places risk to be eaten by frogs, fishes and other animals and birds. In addition, the water currents can drown them.

In order to help these useful bugs, we can install a water feeder. Just fill a pie pan with some marbles and pour some water. The reason why there are marbles in the feeder is to provide safe ground for the bees.

Via Inteligent Living

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