Medicine Mixture … After its Application, You Will Not Feel Pain for Several Years

Medicine Mixture … After its Application, You Will Not Feel Pain for Several Years
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There are many people who claim that this home remedy effectively eases pain caused by osteoporosis. They also say that once people use it, they will be able to get rid of this discomfort for many years.

This is actually a mixture used for a massage that is based on unprocessed vegetable oil and table salt (feel free to use sea salt). In this article, we will describe the process of preparation. You should know that once you prepare this mixture, you won’t need to do it again. The only two things you will need are 20 tablespoons of oil (you can use sunflower or olive oil) and ten tablespoons of salt.

Using a Natural Approach for Treating Osteochondrosis

How to Prepare This Remedy?

Take the salt and oil, pour them in a clean glass bottle and mix them well. Seal the bottle. Wait for a few days. In the end, you should get a light mixture/solution.

How to Use This Powerful Remedy?

Use this mixture to rub the mixture directly on the cervical spine column especially in the areas where the pain is present. Perform intense massage early in the morning. The massages should last between two and three minutes and the duration should be increased to about 3 minutes on a daily basis until you reach 20 minutes. Once the massage is finished, use a warm and wet towel to clean the neck.

Whenever you are practicing techniques like this one, you should expect mild skin irritation. So, when you are finished with this special massage, besides cleaning the area with a wet towel, you should also use a dry piece of cloth and apply some baby powder too.

This treatment lasts for ten days and the main objective is to boost blood flow and encourage muscle repair recovery and regeneration of bone tissue and cartilage. When you are finished you should witness some great changes.

Finally, this process will stabilize the blood circulation in the cervical vertebrae, eliminate headaches and improve vision. This is quite logical because the remedy flushes out the toxins from the body and stabilizes the metabolism.

While this cleaning process is on, it is not unusual to feel lightheadedness and even nausea in some cases, but this is happening only rarely. Healing osteochondrosis in a natural way is free of any side effects and has a very high success rate.

Via Healthline

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