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Most Bottled Water is Filled With Fluoride, Here’s a Complete List of Brands to Avoid

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Nowadays, fluoride has become one of the greatest problems and the main topics of discussion. Experts from all over the world indicated the growing negative effects of fluoride. Soon after the negative effects were brought about to the general population, people became more and more interested in discovering their true damage.

We can find fluoride in public water products. It is a serious risk to people’s health. Although it is said that fluoride is healthy for our teeth, numerous analyses prove its negative influence on our health.

First of all, fluoride has a negative influence on people’s nervous systems. It does not help people’s health but seriously harms the teeth.

Whatever we think about fluoride, we can’t avoid it. So, it is very important to pay attention to the type of water that we drink and seek fluoride-free bottles, which is optimal for our organism. It is always important to be informed about the negative effects that fluoride-rich products may cause on our health.

The Side Effects of Fluoride

One of the most threatening risks of the excessive use of fluoride is fluorosis. Fluorosis is a condition caused by excessive intake of fluorine compounds, marked by full teeth decay and malformation. It usually occurs during the first eight years of life, the time when most of the permanent teeth are formed.

The symptoms of fluorosis are teeth decay and cavity, teeth stains of different sizes and colors (yellow, brown), and distorted development and growth of the teeth. However, there can other symptoms such as cognitive problems in children and IQ retardation.

A Chinese study indicated that children who were exposed to everyday consumption of fluoride showed lower IQ results than those who were not exposed to fluoride that much. The well-known author and study developer, Phillipe Grandjean, stated that certain brain disorders that may cause body toxicity are developed as a result of exposure to fluoride-rich products.

Grandjean claims that fluoride fits in with mercury, lead, and other toxins that can cause a chemical brain drain. The negative effect of each toxin individually is very small, but if compared to the combined damage on a population scale, the results are incommensurable. It is a very serious issue because the brain power of the next generation is very important to all of us.

A List of FLUORIDE – FREE Bottled Water Brands:

A Better WaterAgromas Natural Mineral WaterAlbertsonsAlpinaAmerican FareAmerican StarAppcoAqua FrescaAqua PannaAqua PureAquarius Natural Mineral WaterArbor SpringsArlington SpringsAquafina WaterAqua SystemsAqua VonArtesian WellsAugusta Medical – DanielsBadger WaterBesco Pure Premium Drinking WaterBIOTA Colorado Pure Spring WaterBio-2BlackBerry FarmsBlue Ice Natural Mineral WaterBoney’sBORNEOBoutylandBuchesCalistogaCallaway BlueCAPACascadeCentury SpringsChemungChippewa Spring WaterCiti StopClassic SelectionClearly ArcticClear Mountain Spring WaterClover Company LimitedCoachCold CountryCohutta Mountain Spring WaterCowboy SqueezeCrowne Plaza Drinking WaterCrowne Plaza Natural Mineral WaterCruel Jacks Spring WaterCrystal Mountain Spring WaterCrystal PointCrystal RidgeCrystal Spring Natural Spring WaterCulligan WaterDakota SplashDannonDeep RockDeep Rock Crystal DropDeep Rock FontenelleDeja BlueDesert QuenchEast PhillEco QuestEliteEquatorial Natural Mineral WaterEssential WaterEurekaEvianE WateFamily PantryFamous Ramona WaterFounders Flowing SpringsFood ClubSquare BankFresh Brands ArtesianFresh Brands Distilled WaterFresh Brands Drinking WaterFresh MarketGet-N-GoGlacier BayGlen Summit Springs WaterGlen Summit Distilled WaterGlenwood InglewoodGordon Food ServiceGreat BearGreat ValueHarvey’sH2O4UHenry’sHidden Valley Natural Mineral WaterHillcrest Distilled WaterHillcrest Drinking WaterHillcrest Spring WaterHilton PJ Natural Mineral WaterHinckley SpringsHINTHi-Sprint Drinking WaterHi-Sprint Natural Mineral WaterHog WashHon Less Natural Mineral WaterIce JamInlandIstana Natural Mineral WaterJoe MuggsJoe Ragan’s Pure WaterJunior JohnsonJust SqueezedKLGCC Natural Mineral WaterKroger Bottled Water (Reverse Osmosis)Krystal J Artesian WaterKrystal J Distilled WaterLaureLeroy Jenkins MinistriesLogansport Savings BankLowe’sMartinsMasafi Pure Natural Mineral WaterMercurio ProduceMesra Drinking WaterMesra Natural Mineral WaterMisty MountainMonadnock Mountain Spring WaterMontclairMountain EnergyMountain ForestMountain Valley Spring WaterMutiara Natural Mineral WaterNantz SpringsNew Frontier BankNiagra MistNicolet DistilledNorthern Illinois UniversityOasis Pure Drinking WaterOasis Sparkling WaterOgallala – Clear Cool WaterOUI Drinking WaterOUI Natural Mineral WaterPaigesParmer Pure H2OPatriots ChoicePelangi Natural Mineral WaterPenta Ultra Premium Purified Drinking WaterPiggly WigglyPolaris WaterPristine Natural ArtesianPurely SedonaQuick StopRain SoftRefresh Natural Mineral WaterReiser Drinking WaterRequest Foods, Inc.Rip TimeRoundy’s “Purified Water”Safeway – RefresheSam’s Wine & SpiritsSan Faustino Natural Mineral WaterSan PellegrinoSantee SpringsScheopner’s WaterSequoia SpringsScottsShamrockShop-N-CartShur-FineSilver Creek Purified WaterSilver Creek Spring WaterSky Drinking WaterSmart WaterSnow ValleySpinxStator Bros. MarketsSummit MountainSummit SpringsSummit ValleyT-RexTeton Mountain Lodge Spring WaterTweetsieUnited Dairy FarmersVolvicVitamin WaterVeta Drinking WaterValutimeWhistler WaterWhole Foods 365Woodland Spring WaterWyoming Machinery “Catipillar” Spring WaterZodiac.

You have a great choice of non-fluoride water which means that you have a chance to preserve your health and prevent any health problems.

A list of HIGH RISK Bottled Brands, Full of Fluoride Which You Should Avoid:

AlhambraArrowheadBelmont SpringsCrystal RockCrystal SpringsDeer ParkDiamond SpringsHindley SpriIce MountainKandiyohiKentwood SpringsMayer BrosMount OlympusNursery WaterOzarkaPoland SpringPure FloPuritan SpringsShenandoahSierra SpringsSparklettsZephyrhills.

If you want to keep away from any fluoride-related diseases, avoid fluoride-rich products.

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